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    Happy birthday
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    Latest Turnings

    As always, amazing !
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    Sound system..?

    I use aftershokz headset (also use them for running). They sit on the outside of your ears and deliver the sound through your cheekbones, so you can always hear outside noises and put ear protection if needed. They are blue tooth connected. If not, I just have my phone going.
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    Captive ring tip

    Thank you. That makes sense
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    Captive ring tip

    Good morning. Looking for captive ring tips. It seems that I always end up with a "lip" on the inside of the ring, and I spend a considerable amount of time sanding the ring with long strips of sandpaper. Sometimes I wrap a sand paper to the body and spin the ring around it with mixed results...
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    Adirondack Chairs

    This is my next project. Just picked up cedar from a member..... nice looking chairs. Personal use or do you sell them as well?
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    More floating shelves

    Wow. What do you mean by "Soft Maple, with Maple ply MDF core"?. The way I imagine floating shelves is a frame, with mdf covering or plywood. Thanks
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    The death of my first friend, my dad

    My condolences
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    Broken Stanley Block Plane

    Had a similar mishap with a plane I was restoring... ended up buying the bed for real cheap on ebay.... I know you wanted a recommendation but unless is it done right, not sure it will work as intended
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    Dust collector bags

    I have reused the same bag multiple times, with one of then duct taped to patch a hole
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    Semi floating shelf

    i got flush mounting hardware.:
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    Another spalted bowl

    Thank you....
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    Another spalted bowl

    I think this was oak that I spalted at the same time as my last bowl. Not as much figure but there was a void (damage to the three) that came out very nice. Took about 6 hrs to turn as I was taking very shallow cuts, afraid to snag that edge/ void. Finish is shellac.
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    Anchor seal or paint. I heard melted wax being used by never used that method. I still get some cracks with anchor seal. Slow drying in the key. The problem is that the core drives at a different rate than the rest of the wood. When woodturning green wood, I dry them in a paper bag full or the...
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    Grizzly 3hp table saw - $375 (Brevard)

    Wow... if it was not so far from CLT
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    Overspray On Glasses Lenses

    I got CA glue on my woodworking glasses. Acetone worked well and did not damage the coating as far as I could tell
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    Semi floating shelf

    Thank you all for the feedback and comments. Figured I would share the final product. They came out good
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    Semi floating shelf

    pine. will be conditioning first. i used a scrap to test it and showed him the result, just to make sure...
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    Semi floating shelf

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    Semi floating shelf

    the request is for a classic grey stain . not what I would have used, but it fits his beach house theme.... i will be finishing it with semi gloss poly Thank you all.

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