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  1. Canuck

    More Free Magazines

    Have plenty of issues of Woodcraft, Woodworkers Journal, American Woodworker and Fine Woodworking that I need to clear out. They are primarily 2006-2017 editions. Pickup in S. Cary near I 64/US 1. PM me if interested. Thanks, Wayne
  2. Canuck

    Round Router SubBase

    I have a Dewalt DNP612 plunge base that I use with their 611 compact router. I have an application where I would prefer to change the sub base to a round one as opposed to the funky shape of the sub base supplied.I...
  3. Canuck

    Another Drawer Slide ?

    Has anyone used these Euro type slides on a cabinet with inset drawers? I have a few pair left over from previous builds. I found them adequate at the time - inexpensive and very simple to install. Every time I used them...
  4. Canuck

    Individual User PM's

    When looking in the PM Section I see that the previous PM's Appear to have been transferred ok. My question surrounds a list (w/text) of all PM's sent. I cannot see where new PM's are saved anymore? (IE PM's sent folder)
  5. Canuck

    Childs Rocker Repair

    I received a request from a son-in-law to take a look at a child’s rocking chair that has fallin’ on hard times. It was given to him by his grandfather. One of the rockers was broken off and needs a potential repair. Ideally the front post holding the front of the rocker should be replaced, but...
  6. Canuck

    Woodborers ?

    Well. Here is something strange to contemplate!! LOML was cleaning the countertop this morning and discovered a small mound of sawdust under our Chicago Cutlery knife block. Upon close examination there is in fact a small hole near the bottom of the block contained loose wood fibers! We have...
  7. Canuck

    ToyBox Competed

    Have not really spent a whole lot of time in the shop this Fall/Winter so I decided to work myself back into it with something simple like building our newest granddaughter a toy box. Built it along the same lines as her dresser and change table completed in 2016. 36” x 18” x 20” and utilized...
  8. Canuck

    4 24" Bessey's

    A pretty reasonable deal for clamps if anyone would want check them out... 4 Bessey 24" Clamps in Excellent Condition - $100 (Raleigh) hide this posting unhide < image 1 of 3...
  9. Canuck

    Installing a Pencil Drawer?

    My oldest daughter gave me a photo of a desk that she asked if I could build for her..... I have completed the trestle legs and thinking through the desk writing surface. (Possibly solid oak edge banding on 3/4" ply.) My real issue is hanging the two pencil drawers with no face frame and...
  10. Canuck

    New Shop Toys

    I haven't had a chance to gloat over any new shop toys lately. I have had my eyes on the Supermax 19-38 drum sander for at least a year and a half. Well, I finally jumped. And all I can say is WOW. I have spent countless hours (and borrowing other NCWW's sanders) in the past and now I can do my...
  11. Canuck

    Finding User Albums

    In conjunction with this query... I noticed the My Albums button has disappeared from the dark brown row of buttons under the top lighter brown row containing the Gallery button. (I wonder if it left when the ticket sales row was added...
  12. Canuck

    Wall Cabinet Filler Strips

    My oldest daughter has asked me build a pair of wall cabinets for her laundry room. (Currently just using wire shelving.) She wants them mounted between two walls that are roughly 67" apart. I built a pair of 30" cabinets last year or so for my second oldest daughter, but her cabinets were...
  13. Canuck

    Colonial Console Table Completed

    Last month I was in search for suitable table legs for a console table that one of my daughters requested for their new home. After a long search for the appropriate scale I stumbled upon an alternative that I could order...
  14. Canuck

    Colonial Style Leg Source

    One of daughters is asking me to construct a small console table for their entry hall and is pretty adamant about the colonial style of the legs. Picture of what she has requested... This table height is roughly 29" tall, 42" wide and 14" deep. I have been looking on the Web for colonial...
  15. Canuck

    Masking for a Crisp Straight Line

    I am currently working on a another pair of cornhole boards and getting set to finish the top surface . I need to lay down some straight lines on the tops. It seems that when I use traditional blue tape or Frog tape, I inherently end up with some paint bleed through no matter how well it seems...
  16. Canuck

    Completed Just in Time!

    Well sort of....... Just completed a change table cabinet and a child’s dresser for grand daughter number 5! Pretty much completed using 3/8” dowel joinery and dado’s for the frame and panel design on both pieces. (Exception were the dust panels on the dresser where I resorted to pocket screws...
  17. Canuck

    Duke Oaks

    Read a great article in todays N&O. The story features our own Scott Smith and his expertise applied to the removal of huge oaks from the Duke campus in Durham. Way to go Scott! Great read. Wayne
  18. Canuck

    Win-Win Window Cabinet Build Completed

    Over the course of the last month or so I have been working on a small cabinet that is modeled after the cabinet the LOML saw in the Dec/Jan issue of Wood magazine. Our purpose for the cabinet (in the short term) is a TV console...
  19. Canuck

    Inexpensive Clamps/Spreaders

    I have been working on a CD/DVD rack that incorporated light aluminum angle for shelves to accommodate CD/DVDs. Here is a picture of what I ended up with.... I believe I was pretty careful in measuring the lengths of aluminum for the shelves, but after assembly of the aluminum...
  20. Canuck

    Back Yard Seating

    Maybe I got a bad case of winter blues, but I decided to build something to look forward to in the Spring when the weather improves. I picked up about 50Bdft of nice clear cypress from the Hardwood Store and started on an Adirondack bench that I plan on placing at my back yard yardwork resting...

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