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    FS: ERC

    ahh, you beat me to it #3. At first I was thinking "WTH #2?!" ...till I remembered that not all that long ago - last yr actually - and on this very website, somebody mentioned ERC and I didn't know what the heck it meant. Fortunately, someone else was just as clueless. anyway, my bad. in...
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    FS: ERC

    got a stack of ERC Looking to sell a few boards 1" thick x 5" - 10" x 8' been air drying a couple of years asking $1. 30 BF 336-944-6591 south of Whitsett [Mt. Hope Ch. community]
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    Help needed ripping cedar

    sorry about that. thought I had contact info. Still if you can get up with someone who has a resaw.... if anyone needs me for anything else. 336-944-6591
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    Help needed ripping cedar

    ahem,..<cough> I have an "other"saw...woodmizer LT35 which can easily do 8". Only issue is a thick blade kerf. And it's stationary. Would have to come to us. Also have 30" Parks Century bandsaw for sale... Am just outside of greensboro south of exit 132 [I-85]
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    We need to update our wood supplier list

    My brother & I, run a Woodmizer LT35, here at Foust Family Farms LLC. We do cut for others, priced by the board foot. Prefer logs brought to us, but if not too far away, have equipment to fetch em. We are currently about to finish up cutting [siding], from owner supplied pine logs, for a 110'...
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    what's the best way to dry cookies - with a minimum of cracks? I've about a doz butt logs that are close to 36" dia. Is there an ideal thickness to cut them, initially? I can always resaw them thinner, later. And what's best way to store while curing.
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    I have a couple of small [weed] logs I took down years ago; had em stored in a shed for about 4 yrs. Last yr, brother put em outside on a trailer to make room for his hay. Am surprised at how well they've held up, uncovered. I missed one log out in the woods. Except where it made contact with...
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    anyone here ever work this wood? I've seen birdhouses made of it. But I'm thinking of using it as a soundboard for either dulcimer or kantele, but don't know if it would be "bright" enuff in tone, to be worth the trouble. Also do different finishes affect tone? e.g. acrylic vs oil vs plain wax.
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    Entry Level Wood Lathe

    What? no one recommended a "spring pole lathe"? Can't get more 'entry level' than that. ..and talk about cheap $$$. Plenty of youtube vids on it. My Dad turned the finials for his first, two, grandfather clocks without a motor-driven lathe; eventually got a Sears craftsman lathe for his third...
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    FS: 30" Bandsaw

    Am dropping price to $750 - with motor ...& $700 w/out motor
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    FS: 30" jointer

    have decided to drop price to $4000.....since doesn't include motor
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    1PH vs 3PH

    hmm,...ask a simple question, and...I'm probably more confused reading all your comments. But at least others got something out of it. My shop is wired for 3PH. All the big machines are hardwired in. I have two machines not currently hooked up. Saw this plug and wondered what it was, and if I...
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    seems so many sand prior to applying finish. Is it really necessary? With fresh knives [planer] or hand scraping and tight grain, why not just put on finish of choice, sans sanding.? Does sanding enable a finish to, stick, better?
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    1PH vs 3PH

    What's difference? For motors, does 3PH produce more torque? Does one get up to speed quicker?. Other than cost between motors, what is benefit of one motor over the other? Other than motors, any other benefits/differences?
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    corona dust mask

    had business in town. route took me past a Lowes and HD. Figured I'd stop in on way back. Both stores - no masks - not even the cheapest, thinnest disposables or the high priced RZs. There weren't even empty cartons on the shelves. Of course, we could all head up to Alaska. So few ppl up...
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    corona dust mask

    in light of the coronavirus, my online news feed shows the general public buying up a lot of the N95 masks. I don't buy 'em by the box, as I probably should. So, for those who've bought the electric versions - whaddaya got? likes/dislikes. Once Lowes & HD run out of the N95s, the electrics...
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    FS: 30" jointer

    the beauty of having wide equipment, is fewer boards to glue-up. Two 24" wide boards and you've a table. The Hardwood Store has a 36"? wide planer. One board would make a table.
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    FS: 30" jointer

    Porter A [heavy pattern] 30" cutting head...5" dia..........straight knives flat belt [pulley] drive - no motor included Babbitt bearing.............journals look to be in good shape Light table rust..........condensation, [no direct rain]........always sheltered 88" tip -to-tip (tables) 2"...
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    WTB a small quantity of Sodium Nitrite.

    Finished up a pkg of hot dogs. Was dumping out the fluid, and looked [too late] at ingredient list. Sodium Nitrite was listed as the preservative. The morton tenderizer lists [sn] as 0.5%...would this be sufficient enuff to test an oak sample? I've seen mentions of using 5% - 10% solutions.
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    Heart pine

    How long do you need them to be?

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