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  1. bbrown

    First Drum Sander Thoughts

    Was not even aware of Woodmaster. Good to know Kent. I've been in the market for a drum sander for about 35 years (!), but just couldn't pull the plug due to cost. Always considered it one of those luxoury machines, but with all the inlay and veneer work I do it would save me a ton of time...
  2. bbrown

    Need some wood ID'ed please

    I'll 4th that - Ash. I haven't used it for some time but the look is quite distinctive I think. BTW, red oak is quite ring porous such that you can see the large pores by eye in end grain. Makes red oak a great bending wood for windsor chair parts, etc. The leaves of red oak are pointy (think...
  3. bbrown

    93.5 inch bandsaw blades

    Dee, Would you be willing to take $30 for both plus I cover shipping to VA? --Bill
  4. bbrown

    Sold- Moving sale: Jet 14" Bandsaw

    PM sent
  5. bbrown

    Sharpening a File With Vinegar - Cuts Like A New Black Diamond!

    How does this work? Does the vinegar just remove gunk build-up, or is there something else involved?
  6. bbrown


    Great to see something positive like this. NCWW is truly unique.
  7. bbrown

    Forstner labels

    I love this idea. I can never tell if I'm supposed to be reading the numbers to the right or to the left, and of course, always manage to put the bits back in the wrong place which compounds the problem.....Absent-minded professor at work :)
  8. bbrown

    Woodworking shop for sale

    Email sent
  9. bbrown

    scrollsaw,etc Va

    Not sure what you are referring to. Can you include a link to the tools?
  10. bbrown

    Townsend Knee Hole Desk

    Will follow with interest.
  11. bbrown

    Citric acid..

    I pour water in the half gallon milk jugs, stir in a 1/4 cup of citric acid, and put plane parts in it. If no bubbles come, then just add more citric acid. 1/2 cup citrate to a gallon water - can use large HD or Lowes buckets for plane bodies. This works well for me. Rust scrubs off easily
  12. bbrown

    Restoring old hand planes

    I also could help. I have restored maybe 50 old Stanlys for my traditional classes in Maine. I have access to sources for replacement parts as well. Like Mike, might be a few months before I could get to it. Up in Camden Maine right now working on finishing the shop.
  13. bbrown

    Cleaning house, housekeeping and rearranging!

    This sounds fantastic. Will be following the progress. --Bill
  14. bbrown

    Using the Stanley 12 1/2 Veneer Scraper

    Good stuff Jim! How do you sharpen the blade?
  15. bbrown

    Mortise chisel bit

    Thanks Pete. I need a 5/8" shank and these are all 3/4". I also believe that these are the cheap Chinese bits that seem to snap rather easily.
  16. bbrown

    Mortise chisel bit

    Can anyone help me find a 1/4 inch mortise chisel bit? All I need is the inner drill bit part, not the entire chisel. I tend to snap the 1/4" bits, so only need the inner bit. Should be 4 3/4" long. (The outer square chisel part, which I don't need, is 4 1/4" with a 5/8" shank diameter)...
  17. bbrown

    What type wood?

    Probably oak, but also wonder if it could be ash. Red oak is quite porous with large open pores (hence great for bending) vs. white oak.
  18. bbrown

    Not a tool I frequently use (but will be pulling out more frequently)

    The 112 can be a bit fussy to get tuned just right. I use a Stanly 80 often to remove machine marks, which is also pretty quick, although some elbow grease is required. A card scraper is good for smaller areas. It really helps to have home-made thick veneer!
  19. bbrown

    Wasting Curly Maple

    Don't you dare paint that :) Save it or sell it for 4x the cost.
  20. bbrown

    Basswood - Big, Thick Basswood for sale

    Thanks for the comments guys and thank you for the basswood Pete!

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