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  1. Martin Roper

    Price drop before I go to CL with original price! 14" Bandsaw for sale

    That's a nice BS. I have one almost exactly like it except I have the riser block.
  2. Martin Roper

    Festool Domino DF 500 - $700 (CHARLOTTE)

    Not mine, yada, yada... Festool Domino DF 500 - $700 (CHARLOTTE)
  3. Martin Roper

    Dewalt 18 Volt Batteries

    Dennis's adapter idea is good. Once you have the 20v batteries you can expand into that line as necessary. A stop-gap idea is to order a couple cheap replacements for now to see how they hold up. If you don't like them you can wait for Black Friday sales on tool combos. You could probably get...
  4. Martin Roper


    Not mine, etc. PERFORMAX DRUM SANDER - $700 (BLUE RIDGE,VA) It looks like he has a reducer on the 4" dust port perhaps to use a shop vac. I wonder how that worked out? :oops: Otherwise, that seems like a good price on this big sander.
  5. Martin Roper

    Getting Burn Marks From Table Saw

    It could also be fence alignment.
  6. Martin Roper

    Summer Projects

    I suspect your grandchildren will be sleeping in that crib someday.
  7. Martin Roper

    Miter gauge fence - $20 (Winston Salem)

    Thanks for pointing that out. I missed that somehow.
  8. Martin Roper

    Miter gauge fence - $20 (Winston Salem)

    Not mine, etc. Adjustable miter gauge fence - $20 (Winston Salem)
  9. Martin Roper

    Craftsman jointer-planer - $175 (Easley)

    Not mine... Craftsman jointer-planer - $175 (Easley)
  10. Martin Roper

    Powermatic Dust Collector - $260 (Beech Mountain)

    Not mine, etc. Performax Dust Collector - $260 (Beech Mountain) The ad says "Performax," but it's clearly a Powermatic.
  11. Martin Roper

    Woodworkers bench - $140 (Chapel Hill)

    Not mine, etc. Woodworkers bench - $140 (Chapel Hill) Looks to be worth $140.
  12. Martin Roper

    Forstner bits

    It's $109 with free shipping on eBay.
  13. Martin Roper

    Forstner bits

    CMT makes top quality stuff.
  14. Martin Roper

    Judging by the photo...
  15. Martin Roper

    Advise for beginners

    My "bench" for 20 years has been three saw horses and a sheet of plywood. I started on a workbench based on a design I saw in a woodworking magazine, but ended up not liking it and converted it into a cabinet. I didn't like it as a cabinet either, so I dismantled it and used bits of it to make...
  16. Martin Roper

    Judging by the photo...

    ...I'd guess a woodworker lives here. This is a pic from Switzerland that is on a photography thread on another site I'm on. I'm guessing that's a wood shop that goes with the house at the left. He's got some serious boards on that lumber storage rack. Interesting gutter system too.

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