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  1. Bas

    Summer Projects

    Wow. Inset, hand-dovetailed drawers for the dresser and 3-way adjustable crib. Looks almost as good as the stuff at Pottery Barn! :D:D:D Very nice work indeed! Never even heard of Leopard wood.
  2. Bas

    Want your reviews on Rockler 45° Lock Miter Router Bits - 1/2'' Shank

    I don't have that specific Rockler bit, but some thoughts that might help: - Rocker generally has decent router bits. Not the best, but definitely average/ above average. From my very limited, anecdotal experience, Whiteside bits tend to remain sharper longer. But they're also more expensive. -...
  3. Bas

    stain over poly

    It's common to apply a thin coat of dewaxed shellac prior to staining with wood that is prone to blotching. The idea is that the porous areas will absorb more of the finish, so that when you apply the stain things will even out. I don't think polyurethane would be a great choice because you want...
  4. Bas

    stain over poly

    I have never tried it, but obviously the stain would have difficulty penetrating the top coat and you may not see any change in color. A better option might be to sand the table and top coat with more poly with a dye added to it. The only downside is that any kind of damage to the table will...
  5. Bas

    Completed Cabinet with hidden drawers

    Those drawers, could you use those to hide narcotics, stolen firearms, forged artwork, etc.? Asking for a friend :-) Seriously though, very nice work Jerry. That's a terrific looking cabinet, the hardware is a great match too. I'm definitely interested in seeing more of the mechanism, this...
  6. Bas

    Meditation table/Bench for my niece

    Beautiful combination of wood, I really need to use that piece of ambrosia maple I've got in my stash somewhere. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Bas

    Happy SysAdmin day!

    Today is System Administrator appreciation day. Many thanks to the people who keep the software up to date, the data backed up, and the servers running!
  8. Bas

    Machine cleaning & waxing

    My shop is in the basement too, basically part of the living space. Rust is not a concern, but I still wax the table saw, jointer etc. to help the wood slide smoothly. Definitely nice not to have to worry about condensation! I've never had any finishing issues because of wax on the tools. But...
  9. Bas

    Machine cleaning & waxing

    Ordinary paste wax works just fine, and is very affordable. For a more high tech solution that can be sprayed, Boshield T-9 is a good option. Many car wax products contain silicone, which can be a problem with finishing, or in your case, leave black streaks. What are you applying the compound/...
  10. Bas

    Festool domino joiners

  11. Bas

    One thing leads to another (Final pictures)...

    Beautiful, beautiful work. Love the door hinges, very nicely done.
  12. Bas

    Drawer dividers

    Check out Steve's design. Simple, with a video and plans. Obviously you'll need to change the dimensions to fit your drawer, but should help with the construction ideas.
  13. Bas

    Adirondack Chairs

    Looks very comfortable. Nice table too.
  14. Bas

    Miter Saw Cart

    Good thinking. For my (old) miter saw cart as well as my current miter bench I put the sides about 1/4" higher, then shimmed the saw to get it perfect. Very nice design overall, looks extremely sturdy. And smart to get 5" casters, bigger wheels roll so much better.
  15. engraving.jpg


  16. Bas

    Gaming platform

    I like to play games. Board games, role playing games, card games, etc. These tend to be fairly complicated, with lots of pieces, rule books, dice, pens, boxes, etc. Space is always at a premium at the table, especially when you add in some cold beverages and the occasional snack. There are a...
  17. Gaming platform

    Gaming platform

    Building a platform for large games, with laser engraving and 3D feet
  18. fancy_enclosure.jpg


    Simple box to cover the laser engraver, with the shop vac for smoke control
  19. laser_logo.jpg


    Logo lasered into the top
  20. leg_install.jpg


    Threaded insert and leg, both 3D printed

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