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  1. MarkE

    Dewalt 18 Volt Batteries

    That's a good point, make sure you get the same type that came with your drill/charger. There are quite a few listed on Amazon that are NiMH. Sypousy 2 Packs 18V 3.6Ah Ni-MH Battery Replacement for Dewalt 18 Volt XRP DC9096 DC9098 DC9099 DE9098 DE9503 DW9095 DW9096 DW9098 Cordless...
  2. MarkE

    Dewalt 18 Volt Batteries

    I bought a couple of the generic replacement batteries for my DC9098 in 2015 from Amazon. They are still working just fine after 5 years. I paid $52.99 for a two pack, but that brand does not appear to be available anymore. I do see quite a few others in the $35 to $40 range. ...
  3. MarkE

    New Shop - Build Pictures

    Looking good.
  4. MarkE


    Wiping varnish 'recipes' have been around for a while. Wiping Varnish | Popular Woodworking Magazine
  5. MarkE

    Well, this kindof just happened....

  6. MarkE

    Sound system..?

    I have a notebook Windows computer connected to a Harmon Kardon stereo receiver and four in wall speakers, plus a couple of outdoor speakers on the side of the shop for the back yard/deck. There is a 28" led TV used as a secondary monitor, and for watching TV, although that rarely happens in...
  7. MarkE

    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    I did call it what it was, a good deal. Your comment about scamming was at the very least, rude.
  8. MarkE

    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    So, taking advantage of good deal is a scam?
  9. MarkE

    Heirlooms without a destiny

    Those are all beautiful pieces! WOW!
  10. MarkE

    Finished my new Moravian workbench

    Looks great. Nice work.
  11. MarkE

    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    That's a tough one. I make a lot stuff from pine, so most of that scrap I don't worry too much about, although I do hang on to quite a bit. I have several bins and shelves around the shop filled with hardwood 'scraps'. Like Brian said, hate to have to cut into a nice. large piece of lumber...
  12. MarkE

    Stanley Brace $4.00

    Could be a good deal for someone. Did you happen to see the model number?
  13. MarkE

    Ridgid warrantee made useless

    Had to have my Ridgid ros serviced. Did the claim at Ridgid online then brought it in to Home Depot in FV, with paperwork from Ridgid online and they sent it off to the the repair facility, which I believe is in Raleigh. Ridgid did offer the option to send it direct to the repair facility or...
  14. MarkE

    Repeat with better photos

    That would also be my guess. It really looks like "whatever was available" wood.
  15. MarkE

    Citric acid..

    I have used a batch of citric acid solution to de-rust several several hand planes. It seems to last quite a while. If it starts to slow down, you can add incrementally more to the solution to get it going again. In my opinion, it is more economical than using a commercial product like...
  16. MarkE

    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    Keen utility Atlanta KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe, 11 EE US, Shitake Brown/Black, 11EE: Shoes
  17. MarkE

    Router table router died

    I'm not sure if my situation applies, but here it is. I also have the PC Speedmatic router, motor only. I have mine mounted in a router lift. Those little nubs proved to be a pain when trying to orient the router motor in the lift, so I just cut them off. Since I did not buy a base for the...
  18. MarkE

    Citric acid..

    I used it quite a bit. It works pretty well. A weaker solution takes a bit more time, but seems safer. I never really measured, just dumped a small amount in a container and added water. Once the rusty item was placed in the solution I checked it after 10-20 minutes or so and looked for...
  19. MarkE

    Collapsed pail

    Yes, I have seen those yellow drums somewhere. :)

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