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  1. bbrown

    Mortise chisel bit

    Can anyone help me find a 1/4 inch mortise chisel bit? All I need is the inner drill bit part, not the entire chisel. I tend to snap the 1/4" bits, so only need the inner bit. Should be 4 3/4" long. (The outer square chisel part, which I don't need, is 4 1/4" with a 5/8" shank diameter)...
  2. bbrown

    Chester County spice box

    I've made many spice boxes. Typically I try something new with each. The circle inlay was the new technique here. I also added a carved fan just for fun, since there was a nice space for it. 4 secret compartments. I grew up on a farm in Chester County, PA so these are dear to my heart...
  3. bbrown

    Automatic dust collection

    I'm finally looking to get a serious dust collection system installed. There's been a few recent threads of interest. I'm wondering if any folks have automated their systems (Dust collector turns on and blast gate opens when the machine is turned on) and what might be recommended for a...
  4. bbrown

    Research Triangle or Raleigh to Albemarle, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Rt. 29 corridor to Lynchburg

    I bought a biscuit joiner from Anthony (agrieco) in Raleigh, near Crabtree Valley Mall (works at Research Triangle Park). This would save me a few hours of driving if anyone is coming to any of these above areas. I work in Albemarle, NC and commute up Rt. 29 to my home in Lynchburg, VA area...
  5. bbrown

    WTB - Quiet compressor advice

    Hello folks. I'm seeking advice for an "ultra-quiet compressor" for moderate to light duty: nailing, and blowing air mostly in my reproduction furniture shop. Not spraying or power sanding. The main feature I need is low noise, but also, of course, want reliability and something that will...
  6. bbrown

    Excelsior lathe - sale at Rockler

    Hello folks, Looking for some advice on this lathe: Sale price...
  7. bbrown

    RZ dust masks on sale

    RZ Masks now 30% off.... I ordered the one they suggested for woodworking: Titanium M2 RZ Mask - The mask for woodworkers Used 2 coupons (first time user = “WELCOME 10” and the Current 30% off sale coupon= “BEST30”). Got $10 off and free shipping = $24.95 total I'm curious if anyone has...
  8. bbrown

    New: Hand tool and Carving classes taught by award winning teachers

    I'm starting classes this Spring at my shop in the seaside village of Camden, Maine, "the Jewel of the Maine Coast". I split my time between Albemarle, NC and Camden, ME. Here's the site: There will be an emphasis on all aspects of hand tool work: tuning, fettling...
  9. bbrown

    Wanted - oscillating spindle sander

    Anyone have one they don't need any longer? Mine stopped oscillating!
  10. bbrown

    bench chisels deal at Woodcraft

    Are these bench chisels any good? I'm considering purchasing 10 sets for my classes. Might need more frequent honing but that's not too big a deal if it's the only issue. Opinions welcome...…...
  11. bbrown

    workshop floor advice

    Hello folks. Any opinions about using white pine for a shop floor? I can get 800 SF of ship-lapped random-wide white pine (12 to 6 "widths) for $1000. The price for Yellow Pine for the same amount (but not as wide) would be $5,400. I split my time between VA and coastal Maine (and I work in...
  12. bbrown

    Workbench top help

    Hey folks, I'm looking for any suggestions for affordable tops for 6 workbenches I am planning for my new woodworking school. Ideally, I'd like 8'x 2'+ widths. Butcher block would be nice and I can build up the thickness with hardwood ply layers and then edge with oak. I just watched Chris...
  13. bbrown

    Turner needed

    I’m making 12 chests with ball (William & Mary) feet. That’s 48 feet that will need turning. I normally do my own turning, but also typically make one piece at a time which can take months. This is a whole ‘nother ball game for me. I can turn most anything but I’m very slow and deliberate...
  14. bbrown

    phiel/ Swiss Made carving tools

    Anybody know if these ever go on sale? I'm needing to buy a number but they are not cheap. I own many and am willing to trade if anybody has an interest. These are the tools I need/want.... Fishtail: 1/F14, 3/F12, 4/F16, 5/F12, 5/F18 Curved gauges: 2/16, 2/30, 5/35, 5/50, 6/12 Veiner...

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