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    Ash tree is down

    Finally got the tree guys to come take down the ash tree that was partially blown down in the wind we had awhile back. I got optimistic about what to do with the main trunk and had them leave me some big pieces. There are several pieces 2 feet in diameter and a big crotch section. Is there...
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    Site policy

    i posted on Off topic forum and after that noticed a place to read about what is permissible on this forum. It referred me to the site policy but when I clicked on it, the File was not found. Where can I access the site policy so I can read if I inadvertently broke some rule? Roy G
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    Shellac development

    Ran into a situation the other day that really surprised me. I was in my barn/shop and noticed a stain on the floor under the shelf where I keep my stains and such. I looked at the bottom shelf and saw the source of the floor stain inasmuch as the can of shellac was glued to the shelf. After...
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    Arborist Wanted

    I have an oak tree about 3 or 4 feet DBH that has a bad spot at the base. I need an arborist who can tell me what is happening to the tree and what course of action I should take. I have looked online for arborists and haven't had any luck finding one. I have looked up the IBA lists of...
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    Suggestions wanted

    I recently ran an ad selling some mahogany and cherry veneered plywood, The mahogany sold, but the plywood got no interest. Since this is 2/3 of a sheet of plywood, I don't want to dispose of it like I did my other scraps, I cut up scraps of thin plywood into 9x12 pieces for the local HS art...
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    Wood for Sale

    I have decided to clean out some wood I have had for quite awhile. One piece of Honduran Mahogany bought in the '90's. It measures 6/4" thick by 20" wide by 99.5" long. I calculate it at 20+ board feet. Advertised prices indicate this would retail for $200. I am asking $125. One piece of...
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    Track saw question

    I got all my major tools before track saws were a thing. I look at Youtube and see woodworkers using track saws for almost everything a table saw can do. So I was wondering if any of you with track saws would comment on if a track saw can replace a table saw. I don't think you can do a dado...
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    What is this trophy stuff?

    Leaving my first Help query I noticed a little bell up at the upper right. When I went to it, I found i had received 3 trophies with some derogatory connotations. Huh? Roy G
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    I signed onto the new site and read a few posts and decided to explore. Got to calendar and it wouldn't let me get in. My profile lists me as a new member even though I have 954 posts. Went to Klingspor Wednesday and didn't get a discount. Whassup? Roy G
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    Classified ad

    How do I mark an item sold in the classifieds? Roy G
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    Finish-stain compatibility

    I used some Jel'd Stain on walnut and need to put a top coat on it. My Jel'd Poly-Kote has gone bad, so I need to use something else. Would Formby's tung oil finish be compatible? I could buy some wipe-on poly if that would work. Roy G
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    Lost Item Found

    Thanks to Hank, my mortise gauge is back in the news. Thanks for all the comments about looking out for it. Roy G
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    Lost Item at the Picnic

    I attended the picnic this afternoon and enjoyed the event greatly. I met Mike Davis and gave him a bit of wood for his son and donated a chisel to the trailer. Unfortunately, my wife texted me and needed me to come home, so I had to leave early. As I was leaving, I collected some items that...
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    Cerused Rift Oak

    Was reading the paper this morning and came across an article about a decorator. There was a picture whose caption described a table as being made of "... cerused rift oak..." which I had never heard of. Looking up in the dictionary, I find Ceruse listed as a lead compound used in paint. The...
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    Private Message

    I am wondering if something has changed with the PM. I have tried to send some and don't know if they went through or not and I haven't received any for several months. Roy G
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    Holly wood

    No, not in California. Cut down a holly in my backyard. Maybe up to 6" in diameter with some pieces 5' or 6' long. Any interest? Located over by east side of Jordan Lake. Roy G
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    Accumulation of Wood Bits

    Looking for some pieces of cherry to use in a project, I decided to hunt through the wood underneath my bench. I found walnut, oak, pine, lyptus, poplar and mahogany, but no cherry. Looking at the pile of wood I realized I had saved a lot of scraps. It was too good to throw away but I am never...
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    Editing an ad

    i am trying to edit an ad I have up. I went to the Help desk at the top of the page and saw there was a question about editing already there. I followed the instructions and either missed something or things have changed. I edited the ad and went to Classified and saw no changes had occurred...
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    Stain Problem

    I made a cabinet for my wife and went to stain it. Since it was going to match an existing cabinet, I was going to use the same stain on it. Opened the can and saw it was not very full. Being foolishly optimistic, I said that was enough. Not so. Okay, so I have a half-stained cabinet. Off...
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    Diamond Sharpener

    I bought a diamond sharpener and was reading the brochure that came with it. It says to use water as a lubricant and after sharpening, rinse the sharpener off and dry it. It's a DMT on a steel plate, so is there some concern about rust? Does using an oil clog it up? Thanks for any response...

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