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    FS: Rockwell 40-407 VS Scroll Saw

    Sold pending payment
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    32' Extension Ladder - $250

    If you need to work higher up, I have a 32' Werner fiberglass extension ladder. Stabilizer included. New this would be a ~$360 combination from the blue box. Pick up in Greenville NC.
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    (un) Vintage Lathe $499

    Up for sale is my first replacement lathe. The first lathe was one of those tube lathes that I bought for my FIL from the orange box. This is a restored and hot-rodded Delta Milwaukee 1460. The SN is 69-5169 which makes it a 1948 year of manufacture if I read the tea leaves over on vintage...
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    Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander -$1500 & Supermax 25-50 - $1000 (Four Oaks)

    James, FYI, these are listed in the for sale list in the forum. Dustin has some great stuff that he is clearing out.
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    Latest Turnings

    Big smiley face. "I like the one on the right." They all look more than right to me. Wait till I show dearly beloved. She'll want me to buy a 20" disc sander.
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    Something Different

    I like the one on the right best!
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    Making perfect miters for your inlay bandings.

    Cody, you might spend some time on Rob Cosman's YouTube channel and see some hand plane skills. Or spend some time with Mike Davis if he is willing. There are others.
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    FS: Rockwell 40-407 VS Scroll Saw

    How about dropping the opening price by half, $300 OBO.
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    Who's been in construction for a really long time?

    Saw some of the fiberglass hats back in my days (mid '70's) with CB&I. They were designed for welders, however.
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    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    I miss the days before the orange box store abandoned ENC and their store was across the street from the blue box.
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    Dealing with Rotting Door Jamb

    Contractor was here yesterday to look at two of my doors. Lower jambs, threshold and bottom of both doors are gone. These are steel wrapped doors. Waiting on contractors estimate.
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    SOLD: Unisaw

    Selling my Unisaw with both extension wings and 52" Bieseymer fence. This was a complete restoration with new arbor, bearings, cabinet paint (inside and outside) and underside of table and wings painted. The Bieseymer has been powder coated, well cause I thought it was cool. The table...
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    FS: Rockwell 40-407 VS Scroll Saw

    Thanks Bill. Here's another picture. Isn't old age fun? I don't recall how I preserved or replaced the decals/stickers. I purchased this saw as a package of two at auction. The one pictured here was pretty much complete and any parts needed were robbed from the second. I have a bag of...
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    FS: Rockwell 40-407 VS Scroll Saw

    Thank you. Needs a good home. Open to all offers.
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    FS: Rockwell 40-407 VS Scroll Saw

    I've rebuilt this scroll saw completely. New bearings, gaskets, paint, power cords, oil, etc. I finished the rebuild a couple of years ago and have never used the saw. The stand is on dual lock casters. Don't like my color scheme? It comes with a second Rockwell complete c-arm, base...
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    extendable legs for student desk?

    here's how it used to be done: Photo 1 from the outside. Photo 2 from the inside. All brass hardware. The wing nut on the inside is attached to a through carriage bolt (see the head 'hump' on the outside photo). Not sure what the purpose of the knurl knob is really not clear to me. FWIW...
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    93.5 inch bandsaw blades

    Still available.
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    93.5 inch bandsaw blades

    New, unused. Boxes beat up from setting on an open shelf. I no longer have the band saw. $35 for the pair, OBO. Pick-up in Greenville NC.
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    Disposable Gloves

    If you don't mind email order, try Uline. They had 3M respirator cartridges when no one else did.
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    Grizzly Equipment - $500 (New Bern)

    Looks like the switch and wiring may be sketchy in photo 1.

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