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  1. drw


    Keye, over the yeas I have used wipe-on poly on many projects, I like the product and it easy of application. That said, my go to brand is Minwax Wipe-On Poly. I did try the Watco brand on one occasion (assuming that all poly was created equal), but I found that Watco took much longer to dry...
  2. drw

    Abandon my chop saw?

    Welcome aboard, Nick; glad you found us! As to the question of abandoning the chop saw, for me the answer would be a resounding, No! My first shop was small, so I know the value of real estate, but I believe the the convenience and utility of a chop saw would be greatly missed.
  3. drw


    Now I know the timing of your new table saw...what an awesome birthday present! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  4. drw

    Finish Question

    Pete, I appreciate the insight! I do have a tendency to overthink things, which occasionally results in an issue that doesn't need to be an issue.
  5. drw

    Finish Question

    I am in the process of building a Kitchen Island. My wife wants the cabinet portion painted to match our baseboard/crown molding, which is sort of a creamy off-white. I could go the Sherwin Williams and get some enamel paint and be spot-on, but several of my fellow woodworking friends, whose...
  6. drw

    Latest Turnings

    I am with Bruce, I really love all of them, but I find the last one in the series especially intriguing. Your customary awesome-craftsmanship is evident in all of the turnings!
  7. drw

    Something Different

    Charlie, I was delighted to read that you did this for demonstration purposes...for a brief moment I thought you may be losing it! That said, the overall result is an excellent visual of what takes place during the turning process. While an effective teaching tool, it is also a beautiful piece...
  8. drw

    Mini-split installation

    Given the fact that my shop is a basement shop, with a concrete floor, a significant amount of the water vapor comes up from the floor. While the AC does aid in dehumidification, when the set temperature has been satisfied and the unit cuts off, water vapor continues to diffuse into the shop, so...
  9. drw

    Mini-split installation

    I had an 18,000 BTU Mitsubishi mini-split installed in my basement shop (about 900 sq ft) and it does a beautiful job of both heating and cooling. I also purchased a small dehumidifier which I have draining directly into a sump pump...between the mini-split and dehumidifier the shop is very...
  10. drw

    A Farm Table Build

    Mark, it is always important to keep the daughters-in-law happy...and I can see why yours is! Beautiful table and bench!
  11. drw

    Completed Cabinet with hidden drawers

    Jerry, beautiful work! The hidden drawers are certainly an interesting and unique feature, thank you for sharing.
  12. drw

    Another price question

    Okay Willem, I'll play again. The last time I estimated way too low, with Phil's estimate already on the board, I'll go with $2,000.
  13. drw

    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    Bruce, you did well...Spray and Forget is a great product for the elimination of mildew/algae/moss. It works slowly, so patience is needed.
  14. drw

    Happy SysAdmin day!

    The behind the scene/screen people who do this work are a blessing to all of us... Thank You!
  15. drw

    Bessey Clamps Cleanup

    Steve, for me the best method of cleaning these types of clamps is to use a wire brush attached to a drill...just remember to wear appropriate eye protection.
  16. drw

    SawStop: Thank You!

    Jim, you are absolutely correct ... having your hand actually forced into the blade is a far different experience than what I had; I can't even imagine it. That said, I am so glad you did have the safety technology associated with the saw; I am a believer!
  17. drw

    Burrowing Owls

    Beautiful work!
  18. drw

    SawStop: Thank You!

    Neal, congratulations on your new saw! Irrespective of the safety feature, which is awesome, it is a great table saw by all other measures . By now I am sure you have come to appreciate how well written the assembly instructions are.
  19. drw

    SawStop: Thank You!

    I am currently building a kitchen island, my wife is really excited about it, so I am trying to make it both functional and attractive. Today, while ripping some 8/4 ash, I managed to trigger the blade-break on my table saw. I have owned the saw for about twelve years and this is the first time...
  20. drw

    Festool domino joiners

    I have the festool 500 domino and I use it all the time. I have used it to build a couple of sets of bunk beds and two large dinning room tables. On rare occasions, the larger 700 would have been handy; but for the vast majority of my projects the 500 works very well.

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