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    Looking for a hobbyist CNC operator in Concord area...

    I've got a CNC router in South Charlotte, if I can help let me know. Just need some specifics on design...couldn't figure out PM
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    Air Compressor -- When to Retire

    Doubt very seriously an explosive decompression will DavidK said, most likely will develop a small leak if and when it rusts through. If you have a real concern about it, tanks can be hydrostatically tested.
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    drip groove in cutting board

    CNC machine and a 1/2" ball nose bit.
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    Dust Collector Motor change question

    I've got a buddy that did the same conversion you're doing...he kept the original 2hp motor and everything works as it should, no problems.
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    Local supplier of bearings? (updated) Lots of bearings at a good price and they are pretty fast delivering.
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    SOLVED: Help needed moving 20" planer in Winston Salem

    I have an engine hoist and straps that would hook to the lift bars...I'm in Charlotte, but I'd be glad to loan it if no one else chimes in.
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    circular planers

    I first used those planers when I apprenticed as a pattern maker...I definitely would NOT use one in a router as they aren't made to spin as fast as a router could very possibly disintegrate, and the shrapnel would be a killer, literally.
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    Shopbot Buddy BT-32 CNC router

    Thanks Henry...I meant to put the price in the first post but forgot.
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    Shopbot Buddy BT-32 CNC router

    Asking $5500...about 1/2 the current new price
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    Shopbot Buddy BT-32 CNC router

    EDITED I'm the second owner of this slightly used CNC has a 24 x 36 in. aluminum bed, and a 3 1/4 hp Porter-Cable router for a spindle. I've added heavy duty casters for mobility, "e-chain" for cable management, and upgraded to the newest communication board. Machine is all steel...
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    Added a DRO on my table saw

    I put one of those on my Sawstop and I really do like it...also had to do a slight modification to the mounting brackets, but not a big deal. It is super accurate.
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    Rikon grinder issue / question

    All that checking points back to the vertical surface of the motor shaft that the flange washer rests wouldn't take much runout on that surface to make a lot of difference at the diameter of the wheel.
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    Rikon grinder issue / question

    I know you said the flange washers are flat, but try swapping them side to side...if I remember right those washers are thin metal, and if they were over tightened during assembly, they may have collapsed...just a thought
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    Opinions: DIY Saw Blade Sharpening

    By the time you buy all the "HF whatnots" and modify the various tools to do what they weren't designed to do in the first place. Then chance the possibility of ruining a good blade, and or injuring yourself due to an unstable "kludged" together setup, just isn't worth it in my mind...My guess...
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    Motor pulley issue

    Check with an industrial supplier (Grainger, MSC, etc.)...match the diameter and belt width to a stock pulley with the required hole size...shouldn't be a huge problem.
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    Electronic tool repair help

    Might try online at ... they sell all types of electronic supplies
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    Vectric software?

    I use Vectric Aspire
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    New from Charlotte

    Welcome to a great group !
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    'Pig'ging Out!

    Nice project !...CNC machines sure make a difference in time spent...I'm working on 2 projects for a friend of mine to use on his lathe right now...A Longworth style chuck and a Steady Rest.
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    SawStop Blade

    Sawstop recommends not to use blades with anti-kickback “shoulders” behind each tooth because in slows the reaction of the brake by keeping the blade from engaging deeply into the aluminum stop...also don’t use a wobble type dado blade for the same reason...I’ve been using thin kerf Freud blades...

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