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    Earl is in Rex hospital in Raleigh. That is all I know. Do not have any details. I am offering prayers for his well being. I hope many of you will join me.
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    Delta Portable Planner TP300 Type 1 (13 inch)

    bet you could source bearing from Motion Industries or other bearing house.
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    I have pvc dental mould

    Birds have pecked it and made it into my attic. I am going to repair it but wonder how to keep them from repeating the damage.
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    Bosch 2 tool rcpt 2019-04-16

  5. J

    Lathe maintenance

    a country boy can survive.
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    hiking staff

    cannot open attachment. I will use 3" to be able to put 2 balls on the stick. One bored through and one bored half way. Making a 2 ball cane.
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    hiking staff

    Trying to make a walking staff. Staff is 3/4" square. Want to install 2" wooden sphere on the top. Need 3/4" hole in sphere and need square staff to be rounded to fit in 3/4" hole in sphere. I have drill press and mini lathe. How would you round the square staff and drill a 3/4" through hole...
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    Walnut Segmented Dining Table is finished just in time to be a Christmas gift!

    Great table. Where is picture #5? I am jealous of your shop.
  9. J

    Cutting Boards, with my helper

    Very photogenic helper.
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    Starting small shadowbox frames WIP

    do you not use a jointer?
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    Plans Change Fast

    could not use the numbers from the old mail box?
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    Great weekend

    she should be proud. That is a great looking joint.
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    Northfield Bandsaw/Sanity Check

    That is huge and so is the motor. What horsepower is the motor?
  14. J

    Craftsman 22116 Granite Tablesaw

    I did not know that 220v was available in Pikeville. lol!!
  15. J

    A hybrid turning

    great work Earl, as usual.
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    I got my courage up to try this

    every so often I think I am becoming a wood worker. Then I see something like Cathy's work, and realize I am just a wood butcher. But, I do love making sawdust.
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    I'm having a really good week...

    I thought I got a deal on my Jet cabinet saw. It came with several accessories that I sold. Paid $600.00, after selling the accessories my net cost was less than $400.00. I love my Jet. It is very accurate. I know you will enjoy yours.
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    Workbench saved...

    you can feel the history coming from that bench.
  19. J

    Slicked up my holdfast/dog holes... boneheaded.

    alcohol on a rag pulled through the holes.

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