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  1. Alex Stokes

    Learning Woodworker in Raleigh

    You've found the right place, loads of good friends, experience, advice - and directions to find equipment and also - **wood**!!
  2. Alex Stokes

    Getting protective masks to those who need them most.

    This is pretty straightforward. If you've got masks or gloves - get them over to your local hospital! If you're using social distancing - watching tv at home - you don't need the stuff! (Or keep one.) Our medical professionals are putting their lives on the line every day treating our most...
  3. Alex Stokes

    Wanted - 12" or larger bandsaw

    Nope, not yet Dave. Email me at
  4. Alex Stokes

    How I made this is a mystery?

    That's an amazing vase!
  5. Alex Stokes

    New Member from Kill Devil Hills

    Welcome Tim!
  6. Alex Stokes

    Wanted - 12" or larger bandsaw

    I’m going to sell mine if your father in law is interested. I’ve got Carter blade guides installed, and 2-3 new blades still in the sealed packages. Like new condition, and sits on a mobile base. PM me if interested? I was going to put it up in the marketplace but hadn’t quite got it done...
  7. Alex Stokes

    Props to Zoro Tools

    Yea, ... "Fell out of the box" - lol Well good for them though. I wonder who pays, Zoro or the trucking company?
  8. Alex Stokes

    New Member from Raleigh

    A warm welcome and New Year wish too!
  9. Alex Stokes

    Porter Cable BN-125 Parts

    Wow - got them in and stuck it right on! When I shot that nail and parts went everywhere, I thought I had broken more important parts at the nose, but it turns out that's all it was. I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate the advice. Saved a very useful tool there. One of my favorites...
  10. Alex Stokes

    Porter Cable BN-125 Parts

    Thanks Zach! I'll let you know after I get them.
  11. Alex Stokes

    Porter Cable BN-125 Parts

    It turns out that while I thought "the whole nose assembly shattered" that it was in fact just the bumper. So Zach, I've ordered via that link you provided on eBay. We'll see if that does it.
  12. Alex Stokes

    Porter Cable BN-125 Parts

    I shattered the whole nose assembly, don't believe that's gonna work. But thank you!
  13. Alex Stokes

    Porter Cable BN-125 Parts

    Really? Let me cross check that part!
  14. Alex Stokes

    Porter Cable BN-125 Parts

    Hi Guys, Not really a hot deal or a for sale. I've got a Porter Cable BN-125 Nail gun. I was putting some nails into a bed for repair and drove one into an old nail shattering the plastic nose piece. I took it over to our repair shop in Raleigh and they told me the replacement part is no...
  15. Alex Stokes

    Worksharp bevel not square - Only idiots read manuals

    It's funny, over the years, how often the answer has been in the manual that I didn't bother to read. Thanks Jeremy!
  16. Alex Stokes

    Did you know we have a YouTube channel?

    Pretty cool! Thanks Ron :)
  17. Alex Stokes

    Push sticks for the shop

    I've got several push sticks, but I picked these up on Amazon a few years ago and really like them. They make me feel like I have more control of the wood. They are multi adjustable and allow you to hold pieces on both sides of the blade as well as the router table. They're especially useful...
  18. Alex's Projects

    Alex's Projects

    Furniture of course
  19. Alex Stokes

    Visit Frequency

    Hi, I've been a member of NC Woodworker for a few years. I was overseas for a bit so didn't get on much. I'm back now, and despite getting up here a few times a week, my visit frequency remains a decimal figure. Are you able to reset that? I think it's averaging visits over the entire time...
  20. Alex Stokes

    Kitchen Knives

    Thanks Mark, the video was tremendously helpful. I picked up the Lansky kit but I don't like it. I'm going to get Wicked's ME-130. It seems like the Lanky upgrade :). I appreciate you taking the time to link those - thanks!

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