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    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    I used to be a lot worse than I am now. For the most part, everything other than maple and cherry scraps get tossed. The maple and cherry I keep for smoking meat. Right now, I am in the process of building 3 new tables for the livingroom (coffee, sofa and end table) out of cherry so I...
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    HVLP Spraying

    One other point on the HVLP systems - if you're going to be spraying paint, I wouldn't go less than a 3-stage system. Some even say 4-stage, but with proper thinning, I haven't had any issues with my Mini-mite 3. I used to dread finishing. Once I started spraying, I started looking forward to...
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    HVLP Spraying

    I have the Fuji Minimite3 with a gravity feed gun (G-XPC) - absolutely love it and the results I've gotten. I've had it for about 10 years now. I have bought another gun - a suction (Aerojet RS1) from HVLP Paint Sprayer at Paint Sprayers Plus for less than 1/2 the cost of getting another Fuji...
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    Material for curved dashboard

    Some of the recent boxes I've made have domed lids. For that, I used 3 layers of 1/16" plywood bent over a form - then veneered. It came out incredibly strong and was easy to bend. If you use a rigid glue, it minimizes the spring back a lot more than just using pva. The ply is not real...
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    new to veneering

    take a look at this - I know of several youtubers and a few personal friends who went this direction and are quite happy. $70 for their smaller bag and pump kit. very reasonable. these originally came out to make skateboards, but they now have several sizes avail and very useful for...
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    Sharpening Service List?

    Dynamic Saw in Buffalo - excellent service and results.
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    Sick of breaking screws

    Thanks for the complements and link, Matt. They definitely have some nicer inlays than what I find at Woodcraft and Klingspor. I will be sure to use them in the future. The two boxes I am working on now (the first two pictured) I did use some inlay on the lid. I also made up some 1/16"...
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    Sick of breaking screws

    Before picking up the gimlets, that is how I would do it also - and it helped. The problem was, I still had some of the steel screws break off - especially when working with the dense exotic woods.
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    Sick of breaking screws

    yes, the gimlets thread the hole for the screw.
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    Sick of breaking screws

    I just wanted to pass along some helpful information. I've made several boxes over the last few years, and one thing I always dreaded was installing the hinges or locks because the screws were so darn small and weak, they would often break off. Even when I use a steel screw first, I would...
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    Wet sanding water based finishes

    I would say that the majority of woodworkers are not taking the extra time to rub out finishes to get to a high gloss - or even rubbing out at all. For them, waterborne finishes are great. They dry quickly (two hours between coats), allow you to get multiple coats on in one day, and clean up...
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    Ethan Allen Manufacturing Closing - Auction

    One of my friends sent me this link for an auction of the manufacturing equipment for Ethan Allen furniture in Old Fort., I hope someone can find something that they can use.
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    Steel City 3HP table saw - $950

    Not mine, but looks to be in very good shape.
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    looking for bowl turning blanks

    I have some gouges that were given to me a few years ago. I understand that you do not want to use spindle gouges for bowls - I am just having trouble figuring out if what I have are spindle gouges or bowl gouges. From what I understand, it has to do with the depth of the flute, but If I dont...
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    looking for bowl turning blanks

    Looking at the site - i see they have both green and KD blanks. can i ask for your recommendation on this?
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    looking for bowl turning blanks

    I've been woodworking for many years now, but never really got into turning. For Christmas, Santa brought me a new Nova chuck for my lathe. So, I am looking for some pretty inexpensive turning blanks for bowls. Just for some practice to begin with. Could someone help point me to a good...
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    Has Anyone Seen Veneered MDF?

    So, I understand how veneer would adhere well to the top and bottom of the MDF, but what is the best way to handle edges? Can you just attach veneer straight to the edge of the MDF? Or should you first edge with a hardwood?
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    Choosing a miter saw and blade

    I don't cut thick material - typically 2" and less, plus space and weight were a concern. I have been very happy with the Dewalt 7-1/4" Slider.
  19. Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

    Coffee table with Quilted Maple and Cherry veneers and bent lam Cherry legs.
  20. Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

    Coffee table with Quilted Maple and Cherry veneers and bent lam Cherry legs.

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