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  1. DSWalker

    Meditation table/Bench for my niece

    Ambrosia maple and Purple heart top. Legs are white oak with ebony stain. Niece visited from TN specifically to help with this project. She did all of the sanding, oiling the top and staining the legs. I made the cuts and put together. Quick little project. She is thrilled with it.
  2. DSWalker

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    A while back my drill press started kicking the GFI breaker immediately when I turned the power on. It did it multiple times and I just put it in the corner and forgot about it because I rarely need it. Today, I plugged it into a different outlet (same circuit) turned it on and works fine...
  3. DSWalker

    Spalted maple stain options

    Update: worked till about 8 PM last night. Niece was actively assisting and asking what she could do to help. Going with the BLO. She still wants it darker. May run to Lowes and see if another oil might help darken it a little more. This has about 3 coats so far. Also added a strip of...
  4. DSWalker

    Raleigh area contractor, handy men or woman needed.

    LOCATION = RALEIGH I have a coworker in search of a local carpenter/handyman to do some work inside their house. Built in shelving. Construct a new door in an existing laundry room and maybe some lite drywall work. Location is just off New Bern Ave between downtown and Wake Med hospital main...
  5. DSWalker

    Mini-Split unit kicked breaker

    Went out to the shop this afternoon and noticed the AC wasn't on. The Pioner mini split had kicked the 30 amp breaker and now I cant get power back on the unit. I don't have a multimeter to check for current. Will try to pick one up tomorrow. I checked the connections in exterior electrical...
  6. DSWalker

    Wife decided she wanted to keep me around.

    I got my fathers day present a little early. Installed it today. Ran a temporary ext cord to power it up for now. Next cool morning I'll add an outlet up there. Told myself several times during the shop build to go ahead and do that, but never did.
  7. DSWalker

    What type wood?

    This desk was gifted to me in my teens by my grandmother. It was painted at the time. I stripped it and stained it probably 20 plus years ago. Clearing out our storage unit and it is now in my shop. Hoping one of my daughters will take it for the grandkids one day. I always thought it was...
  8. DSWalker

    Chain saw carving??

    Anyone on here do this? I have a large stump and was thinking about commissioning a carving of a horse head. Found a local guy on Facebook Marketplace, but thougjt I'd check here too. Log is pine, 3.5' tall, 2.5' at base and 2' at top. Been under cover and sitting on 2x4s, but recently...
  9. DSWalker

    Cedar for raised garden beds (near N Raleigh)

    I can't find the sawyer list, so figured I'd just ask. Daughter has a friend in N Raleigh looking to build some raised garden beds. Looking for a supplier of cedar or anything else suggested other than PT pine. Thanks
  10. DSWalker

    Flatbed trailer boards need replaced

    I have a heavy duty flatbed trailer for use around the farm, to include hauling my tractor occasionally. Several of the boards have rotted to the point I'm not comfortable loading up the tractor. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone using pressure treated pine, but I'm not sure why you...
  11. DSWalker

    Tapered Legs & wreaths

    I havent spent a lot of time in the shop lately, outside of building the shelf for my train. I glued up 2 x 4s for legs to a table for my daughter a couple months ago. Finally got them cut to length and tapered today. Instead of burning my grape vine cut offs, so far I've rolled up 6 wreaths.
  12. DSWalker

    Shop countertop

    Nothing special here. For the last couple years, since I put up the cabnets, I've only had a few boards laying on top. Warped boards at that, so things fall into the drawers all the time. Bought 3, 2 x 10 x 16' boards yesterday and glued them up. Filling in a few spots with epoxy this AM...
  13. DSWalker

    My shop is Empty!

    Delivered a table today for a coworker, and loaded up the cornhole boards for my trip to TN this weekend. Shop looks empty with the table and game boards gone. Table was/is a baby shower gift. Made the cornhole boards for my sister. She is giving to her hubby for Christmas. My...
  14. DSWalker

    General Finishes water based enduro-var

    I have of this water based GF product. I had used about 1/2 a year, or so ago. Sealed it up and been sitting on shelf. 'No additives'. Opened it up over the weekend, stirred well and applied over some white paint on a set of corn hole boards. It has a very light 'reddish' tint to it...
  15. DSWalker

    Chairs... looking for some

    I'm building a table for my daughter and she wants some chairs similar to below. I told her I'd check here to see if anyone makes something similar. I forgot to ask, but I know she wants 4 and possibly up to 6. Let me know if you are interested and if so, send a PM with pricing and a...
  16. DSWalker

    Sanding error

    I hate when this happens. Couldn't see it till after stained. Had to start over. Bummer. One of the downsides to a heavy duty belt sander. (Upper left corner) 2nd attempt came out much better. Just lost about half a days shop time.
  17. DSWalker

    Best method to apply stickers

    I'm making a corn hole game set for my sister. She bought some College Football mascot stickers to apply on the top of the boards. Should I paint, apply sticker and then apply a clear top coat? Or paint, apply top coat, then apply sticker and another clear coat? Or some other method? I...
  18. DSWalker

    Finish on Poplar

    I'm thinking about getting some poplar slabs similar to this photo. I really like the green colors. When clear coating, would it maintain the color? Any suggestions on a finish to highlight the color tones?
  19. DSWalker

    My old Disston

    Here are a few photos of my Father-in-law's old saw. The handle is cracked in a few places. It does have the etching, but I can't see the crown. Is the handle repairable?
  20. DSWalker

    Wood ID??

    This was given to me. Not sure what it is. It is pretty dense/heavy. Has a red/pinkish color.

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