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  1. gritz

    Is this Ash?

    The upload button is not available in "Gallery," but somehow these got properly loaded from my laptop. First time for everything. I have given up on uploading properly rotated pictures on here. Thankfully, these look OK from any angle.
  2. gritz

    Offset "j" tool rest questions

    I am looking to purchase an offset interior tool rest for better tool control in deeper bowl work on 10 to 16" diameter bowls. I have a Jet 16/42. So far, I have looked at pricey Robust and Oneway; and less costly EZ Glide and Best Wood Tools. EZ Glide are 5/8 posts and would require an...
  3. gritz

    Turned christmas gifts 2017

    Here are most of my turned Christmas gifts as of now. I still have several bowls and ornaments to complete. The ornaments are my usual Appalachian pine galls. One spalted maple bowl, one maple crotch plate, one cherry crotch plate, and the experimental fan dried maple bowl.
  4. gritz

    New way to quickly dry green bowls

    I chanced to watch a yall-tube turning video by a novice turner and found this idea. I tried it Friday afternoon on a 10" maple bowl which I took from fresh cut tree to the lathe within an hour. I roughed it and left only a 5/8" wall thickness. This method reduced the % moisture meter readings...
  5. gritz

    Need corner cabinet plans

    I want to build a small corner cabinet, preferably Shaker style, with a back wall measurement from the corner of no more than 20 inches. Does anyone know where I can find a plan I can use or modify for this project? I want the front to have a single cabinet door on the bottom and a single six or...
  6. gritz

    Good deal on castors

    Here's a 50% off sale on Castors...
  7. gritz

    Interesting tools in 12/30 auction, jasper, ga.

    There are some nice woodworking items and some rare tools coming up in this 12/30 auction. I can't buy it all, and it needs to be kept in the woodworking community. Auction house website here... Click on picture link and scroll down to see the...
  8. gritz

    Valentine for my bride

    This Pine gall was found by my wife on a hike last year. As a valentines gift, I mounted it on another half Pine Gall, which I turned as a base. I also added turned ebony eyes. The breast was wire brushed, and the back was oiled with walnut oil. Other than that, both pieces are as-found. My eyes...
  9. gritz

    Nice corner brace on e-bay

    Here is what appears to be a circa 1907 corner brace at a decent price, but plus shipping. Total cost reaches a cost-to-value level which makes one pause. Still, if you are looking for one...
  10. gritz

    A good start on the 2015 ornaments

    This group is about half of what is needed for this year's commitments. All are made from Pine Galls, a sub-specialty I like to turn even though it gums up the tools a bit. Each gall is different, and most have open areas that I like to leave natural. This year I filled some of the ant trails...
  11. gritz

    Anyone have a 14/16" Jet lathe bed extension?

    I am wondering if anyone has the 20" version of the Jet bed extension they don't need, or knows of someone who may have one to part with. My lathe is a 1642 and I want to make a yoke (gap) so I can use the tailstock and banjo on the extension to hold and turn larger than 16" platters in the gap...
  12. gritz

    Screen porch truss theft

    View image in gallery Last summer Mt Gomer posted a view of a porch he was building up in Canada. I liked the look so much, I natcherly stole it. I had my engineer design mine for a 26.5 foot span. I had some help from my stepsons cutting out all the pieces and stacking them on the deck, and...
  13. gritz

    New woodturning smock...$14.99

    I looked at the $56.00 smocks, missed the sales on them, tried the reversed shirts, looked for a jacket at the thrift store, and then had a flash of inspiration. I searched around and settled on this one... I went...
  14. gritz

    Walker turner table saw $150

    Not Mine...This is in Shelby, NC
  15. gritz

    Powermatic 45 lathe $750

    Looks like a shop-class lathe...Not mine...
  16. gritz


    Not mine...but I wish it was...
  17. gritz

    Safety Forum?

    Since I have been following posts (less than two years,) I have seen several by injured members who are sharing their tool safety errors and the near tragic results with us after the fact. It strikes me as odd that we have no tool safety discussion forum. Oh now I see it... it's a sub-forum...
  18. gritz

    PE available from nice shop sale in N. Ga.

    I am picking up a Clearvue D/C Saturday from a woodworker in Dalton who is downsizing his shop and has two for sale. Here is the Craig's List link. If anyone wants anything on the list, I am willing to PE up I-85 as far as the S.C...
  19. gritz

    New Jet Bandsaw

    Has anyone checked out the new Jet JWBS-14DXPRO, 14' Deluxe Pro Bandsaw? It looks like it has the best collection of desired features for the money, but I always like to hear from other users before I buy a tool. Thanks,
  20. gritz

    Help dating an old plane?

    I have an old plane I got from my Mother's estate. It is a family piece as I recall seeing it in my Grandad's toolbox as a kid. My question is whether it belonged to him (1900-1964) or his father(1870 to 1928) They both lived in rural southeast Ga. and were farmers, which explains the...

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