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  1. Ralrick

    HVLP Spraying

    So what is the minimum size compressor for using these sprayers if you're spraying a cabinet? Why would the low volume sprayers produce better results than high volume? I have to admit, I've found learning the finishing aspect of woodworking the most confusing aspect as related to creating...
  2. Ralrick

    HVLP Spraying

    Decided I want to learn to use a sprayer and thought it was time to invest in an HVLP system. Hobbyist usage but would like to occasionally spray a white latex or acrylic paint if possible. From my research, spraying a paint/primer seems to indicate a 3 stage unit is required but I have read...
  3. Ralrick

    Ridgid warrantee made useless

    There is a ridgid authorized service center in Henderson, NC. I had an issue with an old chop saw that they were helpful in getting resolved. It's about 30-40 minutes from N. Raleigh.
  4. Ralrick

    Thanks Phil S!

    Just wanted to thank Phil again for taking the time to turn a piece of walnut as an insert for me to splice a table post. It fit in the post perfectly! I appreciate you doing it and all you do to help the NC Woodworker community! Rick
  5. Ralrick

    Anyone with a lathe in North Raleigh?

    Thanks Phil, I appreciate it. I'll connect with you next week.
  6. Ralrick

    Anyone with a lathe in North Raleigh?

    Thanks Phil. Are you around tomorrow at all? Or is next week better? (I’m gone 2pm tomorrow through Monday). Anything that I can epoxy in place would be great. I was even thinking of glueing up a couple 2x4s
  7. Ralrick

    Anyone with a lathe in North Raleigh?

    Would love a small favor from someone. I've had to cut down an aluminum pole into two pieces to shorten it and I'm now looking to splice it back together. I'm looking for someone to turn a 5-6" long wooden cylinder (approximately 2 3/16 diameter) that I can epoxy in the pole to join both...
  8. Ralrick

    Sharpening Service List?

    Do you know if any of these places check a 10" TS blade for alignment and balance? I had my woodworker II sharpened at Raleigh Saw about 6 months ago and it seems to make more noise when using my zero clearance insert in my TS than it did prior to sharpening. Not sure if it is not aligned or...
  9. Ralrick

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    There is a knob on each length of the pole to tighten up against an umbrella pole if you are using one. I’m bringing the pole by Prometals for them to look at it tomorrow. Hopefully they’re able to do it. If not, I may go for cutting and using a sleeve insert as suggested. This board is great!
  10. Ralrick

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    That is a great idea - not sure why I didn't think of it . . . . . I'll see what these other places say but this is a great second option. Thanks.
  11. Ralrick

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    Jeff - yes, there are two poles and the table was advertised as being Bar Height or Table Height depending on using one pole or both. What I didn't realize is that the two heights are Bar Height and Coffee Table Height. We have been using it at bar height but are now moving the table and want...
  12. Ralrick

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    It’s part of the aluminum pole. There might be a sleeve on the outside (I can’t tell if it is one piece or two) that has the vertical grooves but that should be easy to remove once the pole is shortened.
  13. Ralrick

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    I have an aluminum pole for a table. I'd like to find a machine shop that could shorten and then re-thread the end. Anyone know of someone or a business that might be able to do this type of work in Raleigh? The pole is about 2.75" diameter and I'd like it cut down from 17" to 11". Let me...
  14. Ralrick

    Rookie Mistake

    Made two cabinets including 4 drawers over last night and tonight. I was just wrapping up for the night and decided to do some dry assembly before heading out of the shop. Had one cabinet about assembled and realized I never cut the top stretchers . . . . . I'm already dusty and thinking...
  15. Ralrick

    Outdoor Cabinets - what materials?

    I'm planning to build some cabinets that will be outside on a covered dock at the lake. The cabinets will be exposed to heat/cold/humidity but they will not really be exposed to direct sunlight nor rain as they will be in an outside covered bar area. Does anyone have experience with different...
  16. Ralrick

    Chaos or shoulda' had a SawStop

    Mike - Curious to know what did not work with your Sawstop sensor and how did you know it didn't operate properly? Was it tripped from touching flesh or did you hit metal? Rick
  17. Ralrick

    Cabinet use outdoors

    Does anyone have experience with cabinets being used outdoors but in a covered area? My only experience is some fairly inexpensive garage cabinets (I think from Home Depot) that have held up fine for over 10 years and I'm wondering if 're-purposed' kitchen cabinets would have the same longevity...
  18. Ralrick

    Greensboro Estate Tool Sale

    Hey Jeff - I think my comment above was a little misleading if you didn't attend the sale. The tools in the garage were older and much lower end tools including an old Shopsmith. These tools were of significantly different quality and condition as compared to the tools on display in the den of...
  19. Ralrick

    Greensboro Estate Tool Sale

    One of the tools I bought had his name on a warranty card from 1999 that he had completed but never sent in. I also spoke with the people that were running the sale and they were the ones that told me he had just turned 93 and was living in an assisted living home. For those that went to the...

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