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  1. ErnieM

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    Good thing you don't have a C7 - you would have taken out a gutter or two. That is scary.
  2. ErnieM

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    Not for everybody!
  3. ErnieM

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    Pretty much the same way as in a grand piano. In an upright you would have to remove the keybed (the wooden structure that the keyboard sits on) in order to remove the cast iron plate. As an aside, before the middle of the 19th century, pianos had no cast iron plate to resist the string...
  4. ErnieM

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    Yep, tuning pin bits are available and work well. I used one for years when I was rebuilding pianos. Just one caveat - don't try this with a small, cordless drill. I used a commercial 1/2" drill and it still packed a wallop. A smaller drill will kill your wrist and probably won't have enough...
  5. ErnieM

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    If anyone out there has an old piano and is tempted to do this PLEASE buy a cheap tuning hammer and loosen the tension on all of the strings before you cut them off. There's a reason there's a lot of old time piano tuners that are blind. The strings on a piano are highly tensioned - up to...
  6. ErnieM

    Oscillating Spindle Sander Wanted (I think)

    I have the Ridgid and it's a great tool - with one exception. The front section of the table tilts a couple of inches away from the spindle. Not a problem if you're sanding at 90 degrees, but if you're sanding bevels, the distance from the tilted table to the spindle leaves too much wood...
  7. ErnieM

    Using a jointer without the fence?

    I've been doing it for years when I don't have halfway decent edges to register against the fence. The jointer doesn't need the fence to flatten a face. That said, there are, no doubt, some potential safety issues with jointing without a fence (or ignoring the fence as I sometimes do). As Dennis...
  8. ErnieM

    Basswood - Big, Thick Basswood for sale

    That is SO beautiful - the work of a true craftsman. WOW!
  9. ErnieM

    Next project

    That's strange, but Monday-Friday is good enough for me.
  10. ErnieM

    Next project

    Maybe so, but why would their website be off the net?
  11. ErnieM

    Next project

    Richo, Better make sure you have the wood on hand before you start. I tried to get on Precision Molding's website to see if they were open and their website link takes you to a WordPress page. I don't know if they're closed or not. Hopefully it's just a website problem.
  12. ErnieM

    Wet sanding water based finishes

    Thanks John - that's very helpful.
  13. ErnieM

    Wet sanding water based finishes

    That makes sense to me. I should have mentioned that I brush finishes on. In most cases, I have to rub out to some extent to eliminate brush marks. Also keep in mind that I'm using acrylic enamel paint - not a clear finish. I do apply a thin coat of satin poly over the paint to even out the...
  14. ErnieM

    Wet sanding water based finishes

    Can they be wet sanded in two hours, and with water as a lubricant? That's where the confusion sets in. Someone says you should wait for a month, and you say two hours is fine. I much prefer your answer.
  15. ErnieM

    Wet sanding water based finishes

    Maybe I just like oil based finishes because I'm old, but other than ease of cleanup, I still can't find a good reason to switch. I would have thought that the quick drying water based finishes would speed up the process, but it seems they require relatively long curing time before they can be...
  16. ErnieM

    Wet sanding water based finishes

    I've been using oil based finishes on my instruments for the past 40 years. It's high time to try out the water based finishes that so many folks are using. I'm wondering what lubricant you all use to wet sand water based finishes. I've always used water with a little detergent mixed in to wet...
  17. ErnieM

    New Bern January lunch

    Sorry guys - I'm working at ECU on Saturday. Enjoy your lunch.
  18. ErnieM

    Puzzle cabinet finally completed

    Way to go, Richo. I know it was a long time coming and glad to see it turned out so well. Great job!
  19. ErnieM

    Dust Collector Rattle - UPDATE

    I have a 2hp Grizzly dust collector that is several years old. Recently it has started to make an ear-splitting buzzing rattle that starts a few seconds after the unit is turned on. I've tightened every bolt I could find, but the noise persists. Unfortunately, tightening bolts is the extent of...
  20. ErnieM

    Recent Turnings

    What else is there to say... you're the best!!!

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