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  1. redknife

    Stair rail configuration help

    I am looking for advice on how to configure a continuous handrail on the inside of a "U-shaped" stairway. We are coming toward the end of a basement gut and remodel. Elder guests stay downstairs. They and I could use something to grab around the corner. Below are pics of the present state. The...
  2. redknife

    Craftsman interior door panel approach

    I am getting toward the trim phase of a basement remodel, and I am considering fashioning interior maple doors. The count is 1 x 36", 3 x 32", and a French door 72" with tempered glass. The style that appeals to me for the house is “Craftsman”. As I understand it, there are a variable number of...
  3. redknife

    Rikon bandsaw striatech DVR smart motor upgrade

    Rikon has announced a variable speed replacement motor upgrade to their 10-325/326 14" bandsaw line. The idea is to speed match material and also provide better torque where needed. 10-325 1.5hp>1.75hp. Upgrade retail $629. They will offer a new model equipped with the DVR. Here is their web...
  4. redknife

    Prescription safety glasses- where

    This has been discussed before, but it’s a new day. Where is a good cheap place to get prescription eye protection?
  5. redknife

    Resi electric diagnostic advice

    My question for the electrical engineers and the like is essentially what diagnostic and investigative residential electric process would you consider for the problems of multi circuit light dimming with loads and discovered hazardous peripheral wiring. The problem of lights dimming occurs with...
  6. redknife

    Repipe- manifold vs trunk/branch

    My question for the group pertains to repiping the water supply hot and cold lines within our house. Should we use manifold home run or trunk and branch pipe configuration? Here are more details: We have polybutylene water supply pipes in our 1997 home. Polybutylene pipes represent a risk for...
  7. redknife

    Precondition and stain water based fail

    I’m finishing up a simple bookcase. Maple plywood with solid maple face frames. There was some perceived urgency to get it done, so I decided to use GF water based clear pre-conditioned and water based stain. Plan was to topcoat with water based poly. In theory, each layer can be added fairly...
  8. redknife

    Chicken coop initial choices

    I’m building a chicken coop for a friend. Their son will provide the directed labor. Question of the day is wood choices. We keep chickens so have some chicken know-how. I like this general design: Note that this is an image from and the design will have modifications...
  9. redknife

    Kitchen reface experience

    Does anyone here have cabinet refacing experience to convey? We have a house on the market and feedback has been that the kitchen is dated. The bones and layout are fine. We have arch top doors and honey oak finish which is said to date the kitchen. Considering options, DYI refacing being one. I...
  10. redknife

    Workbench detail opinions

    The first big project at the new place will be a new workbench. Roubo - no split, soft maple, laminated top about 24x72x3 inches. I have read and researched workbench design extensively, so I am mostly looking for your opinions on some design details from those with experience. 1) Which front...
  11. redknife

    Splitting the workshop

    Background: We moved in August and I am still contemplating my shop setup. The other house remains on the market so I have time to plan. The new place has a 24x60 metal pole barn that was to be the singular shop. Now that I’ve gotten a better sense for the pole building and what $ it would take...
  12. redknife

    Horse wood fence supplies

    I’m looking for a fence post and rail wood supplier for horse containment, primarily for repairs. 16’ rails would be preferred. We have overall plans for horse containment that use other modalities, so this isn’t a request for advice on the type of fence. We just have some older wooden fence...
  13. redknife

    Chainsaw sharpening: how do you like to do it?

    We're doing a lot of chainsaw work at the new house. My method for sharpebing the chainsaw has been a husqvarna guide including round file. I have a proxxon rotary and saw that there is a chainsaw bit and guide set for rotary tools. I am aware of several other methods. What is your preferred...
  14. redknife

    Portable Floor Table Complete

    Here is the completed "Floor Table". My daughter helped design the table. It is meant to be used sitting on the floor. Fold up the legs and carry. The legs are held in each position by magnets with a wooden hinged lock to hold them closed. She wanted the style handle as seen. Thanks for the...
  15. redknife

    Repair gouges on painted wood

    I need to smooth the surface in the picture. Goal is smooth and painter white. The photo represents front door interior sideline area where previous owner painted over gouges. Paint is adherent. Sanding it smooth would leave noticeable defect. What would be the fastest, easiest, durable fix...
  16. redknife

    Metal pole shop advice re trim insulate

    We have an agreement on a house with a 25x70 metal outbuilding. About 50x25 is on a concrete pad with the remaining 20x25 as horse stalls. There is electric to the building (not enough, 40A - fixable). It appears there was no effort to trim out or seal the building. Below are some pics that...
  17. redknife

    Storage- climate cont or other

    A farm with acreage and multiple outbuildings popped up in our area. We will likely be making an offer and list our current house. I'd need to store my larger woodworking machines to show our current house. As you know, there are climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage units. I...
  18. redknife

    Repair Circuit Board tracing?

    I bought the Woods Remote control outlet for the shop. Used it once and left it in my pants pocket and it went through the washer/dryer. Now the remote stays on. The off button temporarily turns the remote...
  19. redknife

    Air compressor for HVLP

    I am planning to purchase a new air compressor that would have enough cfm to run the majority of HVLP conversion guns. I've narrowed it down to two units but would welcome thoughts: Northstar 5 hp 60 gal single stage oil lubed:
  20. redknife

    Spray Toner- what's your favorite combo

    I'm working through different toner product combinations (where toner is dye mixed in a finish) sprayed using a 4 stage HVLP turbine. Can't say that I'm doing particularly well despite lots of practice, books, and videos. It looks pretty easy when Jeff Jewitt does it. I have no experience...

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