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  1. ptt49er

    Well, this kindof just happened....

    I'm pretty sure that deserves a good old hearty "YOU SUCK!". Congrats!
  2. ptt49er

    Townsend Bureau WIP

    That's looking very sharp! Good luck w/ the heat and humidity, it kicked my tail this past weekend!
  3. ptt49er

    A Willow Oak, a new chainsaw and some abandoned wood

    It was a willow oak, which is a member of the red oak family. Didn't have any black willow.
  4. ptt49er

    Meditation table/Bench for my niece

    Beautiful bench top (seat?)! I hope she's excited and ready to plan another trip to build another project with you!
  5. ptt49er

    A Willow Oak, a new chainsaw and some abandoned wood

    The boards are close to 8'. I'm excited to see what it all looks like after surfacing it!
  6. ptt49er

    A Willow Oak, a new chainsaw and some abandoned wood

    Dropped the oak off to the mill on Friday last week, he called Wednesday and it was done! Went by today to pick it up! Now to wait! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  7. ptt49er


    Your comments leave me a little curious Brian. Other than Matthew working by himself and possibly using some questionable lifting methods and hand drilling/taping way too many holes, what safety violations and tomfoolery scares you? He completes the build with full guards and (to my sawmill...
  8. ptt49er


    I've got way too many irons (or half finished projects if you asked SWMBO) in the fire now, I'd better hold off on that build ;-)
  9. ptt49er


    I recently got sucked into Matthew Cremona's build, really makes me want to build a mill! Here's a link to the playlist of his build.
  10. ptt49er

    Jointer Planer 6-1/8" Rigid JP0600 - $175 (Berkshire Forest - Myrtle Beach)

    I'm thinking it's worth a 6 hour round trip, what do y'all think?
  11. ptt49er

    Baltic Birch 3/4 x 4' x 8'

    Perfect - thanks!
  12. ptt49er

    Baltic Birch 3/4 x 4' x 8'

    Do these hold true to their thickness? (i.e. 3/4's is 0.75" thick?) The answer doesn't change my interest, but it may convince a buddy to get a couple of sheets.
  13. ptt49er

    Baltic Birch 3/4 x 4' x 8'

    @frankc4113 If you're still interested in coordinating this purchase I've gotten a commitment from another person. I'm good to grab six sheets (maybe 1 or 2 more if that helps close the deal). Thanks! Phillip
  14. ptt49er

    Baltic Birch 3/4 x 4' x 8'

    I'd be in for 4 sheets at $53/ea. Happy to prepay as well. Also, I'll haul sheets back from Pinehurst to a stop in the greater CLT area for those interested in joining in.
  15. ptt49er

    A Willow Oak, a new chainsaw and some abandoned wood

    Earlier this spring my neighbor had an old Willow Oak fall during a thunderstorm. So we limbed it up and left the trunk. The tree was larger than any chainsaw either of us owned. I took this opportunity to convince SWMBO that I just had to have a Husqy 460 Rancher with a 24" bar to "help"...
  16. ptt49er

    Hey, it's DaveO...again

    DaveO - Got everything home and unloaded! Thanks again! The boys were very intriqued by your fan and had to tell Erin all about it when we got home! Safe travels and keep us posted, you're headed out on fantastic adventure!
  17. ptt49er

    Hey, it's DaveO...again

    DaveO - thanks for the time chatting tonight! here's to hoping we can work out a deal that I can get SWMBO to approve ;-)
  18. ptt49er

    Ugly Drum Smoker

    The microwave welder was a fun project. You rewrap one side of the transformer so that the voltage is stepped down to 30ish volts which increases it's amp output. Put two of them in series and you can stick weld some light gauge material. It was more a proof of concept than a solid welding...
  19. ptt49er

    LiveLaughLove 2019-04-16

  20. ptt49er

    Old iron

    So tempting! Probably should finish this shop first though.

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