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  1. Pop Golden

    General contractor asks for a non-code cabinet.

    Codes or no codes good sense should tell you blocking a electrical panel is a no no. If you have a problem you want access to that panel as fast as possible. Pop :cool:
  2. Pop Golden

    Anybody Ever Built a Pocket Hole Machine?

    I picked up a recon P-C 550 pocket hole machine a good many years ago. It's a swing down router/ clamp with a drill guide for the hole. It's a simple machine and has done everything I've asked. If you can find a used one check it out. Pop
  3. Pop Golden

    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    It varies, #1 would be my drawing table & T-square. Everything starts there long before shop time. On the other extreme it's my 16 oz. Plum claw hammer. A lot of things STOP their shop time there. LOL Pop :cool:
  4. Pop Golden

    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    In MHO Crown are very good tools, and Sorby is very proud of it's tools price wise. What you have is a good starter set. Mike is correct. Use what you have until you need an additional tool. I looked at the skew video. Wow! It's an eye opener, and I think I'll give some of his techniques a...
  5. Pop Golden

    Small shop brainstorming

    I have a basement garage. Around 650 to 700 sq.ft. There are advantages to being under the house. Heating & cooling comes from the overhead duct work. No vents down there the ducts radiate. I do have a small gas heater to help in the coldest part of the winter. I am a lucky duck because in the...
  6. Pop Golden

    Another price question

    Phil may even be low. I have been amazed at what some craftsman charge for their work. Not only are customers buying our work they are buying machine time, design, wood, finish, heating & cooling, your shop space, electricity etc. There's a lot of overhead we sometimes forget. If you don't...
  7. Pop Golden

    Sound system..?

    In my 1st. shop back in the 60's I had an old Heath Kit FM receiver and a make do amp. Now I have a small cheap Sony receiver that's Bluetooth equipped. I also have a 5 disc CD player, but now I use my tablet to stream Pandora. I have a pair of JBL studio monitors for speakers. These are hand...
  8. Pop Golden

    Bandsaw lubricant

    On hardwoods I use wax. Find an old candle cut it in half and apply to both sides of the blade. Be careful when you do this. This is done with the blade running. Not too much a little goes a long way. A safer way may be turning the upper wheel by hand. Pop
  9. Pop Golden

    New shop suggestions

    In my shop building talk I address the tool layout idea. I find the best idea is to draw the floor plan (big 1/2 in. to the ft.) cut your machines out (remembering to leave room for you) and move them around. This will give you the freedom to try lots of different ideas without moving cast iron...
  10. Pop Golden

    Sharpening a File With Vinegar - Cuts Like A New Black Diamond!

    Used vinegar to remove surface rust on my plane. Worked well. Pop
  11. Pop Golden

    PSA - Don't leave cordless batteries on chargers

    What I came up with is a system were my charges stay plugged up, but there plugged up to a receptacle with a switch for each one and a red Christmas bulb that glows when the switch is on. Pop
  12. Pop Golden

    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    Keds & pads around my bench (all 4 sides) & in front of power tools. Pop
  13. Pop Golden

    220 vs 110v

    That 50 cycles in europe really screwed up nations agreeing on an international TV standard. That's how you end up with PAL instead of NTSC. True PAL has a better picture, but nothing (DVDs & tape) is compatible with other nations. Pop
  14. Pop Golden

    What am I supposed to do with this...

    Hi Skymaster, When you talked about your big lathe it reminded me of when I was a kid in Louisiana my dad took me to a machine shop. They had the opposite of your lathe. These lathes turned oil well pipe. They were normal except there was no tail stock on the lathe. Out the door across the...
  15. Pop Golden

    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    Follow up: I didn't buy that couple of 100 ft. of pegboard. A motorcycle dealership moved and gave me their wall covering. It was primed white. I figured I was a luckey duck. Pop :)
  16. Pop Golden

    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    My walls are pegboard painted bright yellow With insulation. My ceiling is unfinished floor joist and insulation. My shop is in my basement. To hang stuff I run a board across the wall catching a stud or two. Studs are easy to find in pegboard. I use an icepick. All my electrical is run in the...
  17. Pop Golden

    Wanted: PC/Rockwell Worm Drive Belt Sander

    I have the Skil saw. I use it to cut 4 x 8 panels to a size I can handle. I too like the worm drive. Pop
  18. Pop Golden

    Carter BS quick realease

    I bought a "Stabilizer" from Carter, and when I called with a question I too was treated like an idiot. Somebody needs to give their customer service folks a swift kick in the pants. This an't the way to customer relations. Pop :(
  19. Pop Golden

    Brown recluse spider bite

    Oh come on Fred. Every woman needs a few pairs of shoes. Now Imelda Marcos did take a little ways beyond the limit with over 1000 pairs. Yea boy the old girl had 1000+. I don't know what she did with 'em, but she had 'em. Pop :rolleyes:
  20. Pop Golden

    C'mon...admit it. You need this...

    Wour right Scott. + + + on the sander. Pop :cool:

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