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    Looking for Large format print service

    Any UPS store should have that capability as well. I used to have 36x48 cad drawings printed at the one in Mint Hill. They also do large format scanning as well. I think most of the UPS stores should have the same capability.
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    Recent CNC work

    Kevin, I have a 4x8 table so 30" isn't an issue. Joe - manfre is correct. The inside corners have a radius of 3/32. Smallest router bit I could (3/16" diameter) get to cut through 3/4" thick material.
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    Recent CNC work

    On this particular one all the customer wanted was the cutout of the body. I have seen drawings that detailed the other cutouts and would not be too difficult to do. I'm not a player (guitar) myself :) so not real sure what you mean by "setup to do necks". Please clarify.
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    Recent CNC work

    I have an Anderson Stratos with an 8 position tool changer.
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    Recent CNC work

    Periodically I see request for CNC work in the Charlotte area and thought I would post a few pictures of my most recent projects. Thanks for looking. Andy
  6. Ceiling grid for Mud Room

    Ceiling grid for Mud Room

    Ceiling grid cut from 3/4" MDF for Mud Room.
  7. Guitar Body

    Guitar Body

    Guitar body out of sapele
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    CNC Router Owners?

    I am in the Mint Hill area and do cnc custom components. Send me a message and I'll be happy to discuss what you need. Thanks, Andy Components By Design, Inc. - ... not just parts, we build relationships
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    CNC services in or near Charlotte or Concord

    Randall, just sent you a PM. Thanks Kevin for the referral.
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    CNC routing in the Charlotte/Pineville area?

    Brian, Not a problem. I will be out of town a few days myself. I am off 485 near Mint Hill. Look forward to speaking with you. Andy
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    CNC routing in the Charlotte/Pineville area?

    Just saw your post and I am in the Charlotte area and my business is cutting component parts for people. Would like to speak with you about your project. Andy Tripp 704-804-4899
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    CNC for Rent?

    Jake, I am located in Charlotte and would like to discuss your project with you. I just sent you a pm. Thank you. Andy

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