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  1. LB75

    Looking for a hobbyist CNC operator in Concord area...

    I'm looking for someone in the Concord area that can do a small machining project of some solid Phenolic sheet on their CNC. The 2 sheets are only 11" x 15". If you have one and can take on a small project please PM me so we can discuss the project and cost. I'll provide the phenolic sheets. Thanks!
  2. LB75

    FS: Laguna 2HP Laguna Cyclone - Available Again

    Hey there, sorry for the delay, somehow I missed the notification. No electrical gremlins in mine, the only "issue" is that the range on the remote isn't all that great. In a small shop it shouldn't be a problem. I do have one guy in line ahead of you that was interested in it, let me check...
  3. LB75

    FS: Laguna 2HP Laguna Cyclone - Available Again

    The previous pending sale seems to have fallen through so this is available again.
  4. LB75

    Could use some muscle help on Thursday in Concord

    Thanks guys! Sending a PM to you both now.
  5. LB75

    Could use some muscle help on Thursday in Concord

    Looks like I may be picking up a 3HP shaper from Leneave Supply in Charlotte on Thursday afternoon. I'm hoping I can get a couple of local folks to help me get it out of my truck and into the shop on Thursday evening. It weighs in at 350 pounds and is a bit more than the wife and I can handle...
  6. LB75

    FB Marketplace Find: Porter Cable Pocket Hole Machine

    Found this on the marketplace. If I recall correctly Porter Cable licensed these from Castle for a time before Castle started selling them direct. Pretty good price considering a new Castle machine runs for almost $1,200.00. Thought maybe someone here would be interested...
  7. LB75

    FS: Infeed/Outfeed Tables for Supermax 19-38 Drum Sander

    Selling the fixed infeed/outfeed tables for a Supermax 19-38 drum sander. Nothing wrong with them, just replaced them with the folding tables to open up some room in the shop. All mounting hardware included. $50 for the set, pickup in Concord, NC.
  8. LB75

    Woodmaster Planer/Moulder opinions?

    Thanks again Colin, I really appreciate the insight. Also glad to see that somebody local to me has one that I can hit up for help if I get stuck, I'm in Concord.
  9. LB75

    Woodmaster Planer/Moulder opinions?

    Thanks Colin! How much adjustment is needed after you switch it over from say rip saw to moulder? It seems like it's minimal based on what I understand so far that the different shafts are secured using morse tapers but I couldn't find much info on that. If I pull the trigger on this it would...
  10. LB75

    Woodmaster Planer/Moulder opinions?

    I stumbled across the Woodmaster 712 and 718 planer/moulder while browsing the FB marketplace and am curious if anyone here has any experience with these machines? The moulding head and gang rip saw capabilities really interest me but the advertised flexibility/capabilities of these seem almost...
  11. LB75

    FS: Laguna 2HP Laguna Cyclone - Available Again

    I sent you a message Heath.
  12. LB75

    FS: Laguna 2HP Laguna Cyclone - Available Again

    For Sale: Laguna 2HP Cyclone dust collector, Model Number MDC0560. Lightly used, great for use in a small shop. All original parts included. Local pick in Concord, NC. $850 Firm.
  13. LB75

    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    Yes please
  14. LB75

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    I agree with everything Jeremy said. I love the Byrd Shellix that I installed in my DW735 a few years ago.
  15. LB75

    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    Hey, I'll finally be able to attend the picnic this year now!
  16. LB75

    Cabinet doors and the Virus

    That's kind of ironic, the lockdown put my kitchen remodel on hold. I have all the cabinet parts produced and ready to assemble but I need to rip into the kitchen walls and get a drywall crew in to finish the room before I go any further. I paused everything so we weren't living in a...
  17. LB75

    Seeking advice before possible purchase of Festool RO 125

    I have the RO150 and the thing is an absolute beast when in Rotex mode, extremely aggressive and can be a bear to control. As a finish sander I find it tough to balance. My personal favorite is the brushless ETS150. Very comfortable in the hand and I've literally used it for hours with no hand...
  18. LB75

    Hollow Chisel Mortiser or Domino Jointer

    Sounds like the Domino would be the way to go. The hollow chisel mortiser does a great job of cutting a clean mortise but then you're still left to properly size the tenon if you're looking for a perfect fit. I also think the Domino is a whole lot more flexible in the applications you can use it...
  19. LB75

    WTB: 6" Dust Collector Hose

    Thanks Rob, those prices look a lot better than the cost from ClearVue or Woodcraft.
  20. LB75

    WTB: 6" Dust Collector Hose

    Just curious if anyone in the Concord and surrounding areas has any extra lengths of 6" flex hose laying around that they'd like to sell? If you do please PM me with the price you're looking for. Looking for at least one piece 6 foot long but if the price is right I'd be interested in multiple...

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