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  1. gritz

    (un) Vintage Lathe $499

    looks cool to me as well. Pretty ingenious all around.
  2. gritz

    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    Romeos. Like brick masons wear. Keeps the chips out.
  3. gritz

    Long Term Update On College

    I take my hat off to you sir!!!
  4. gritz


    A friend had a similar experience with a "bad" motor. He bought a new one and had the burned out motor replaced under warranty. He passed the rebuilt one on to me for some front pocket money and a wood trade. :)
  5. gritz

    Brown recluse spider bite

    I was bitten about 20 years ago. I searched the internet and found a report of similar spiders in Australia. They recommended, (and I took,) large doses of the supplement MSM, a type of sulfur. After about a week, the red bloom was gone and I felt fine, with a small wound that healed quickly. YMMV.
  6. gritz

    Broken Stanley Block Plane

    Patience wins when looking for parts on e-bay.
  7. gritz

    Tip: Pegboard standoff spacers on the cheap.

    I did a similar thing with scrap copper pipe. I marked the board front and back for ease of locating the holes. I hung the board with a chain on one end and it was pretty easy to work across a full sheet of pegboard one vertical line at a time. I left the screws loose and tightened them up...
  8. gritz

    Floating Cabinet

    Nice and clean!
  9. gritz

    Little Box

    Nice...glad my bride still has the case hers came in.
  10. gritz

    SOLD Used SHOP FOX W1752 Mini Wood Lathe

    These little lathes make a great permanent mount for a three section Bealle finishing and polishing system.
  11. gritz

    Shop furniture--chisel chest

    That's an heirloom.
  12. gritz

    Cutting bowl blanks from green wood

    Neal has good advice. Been there, done that. I finally went to a 1/2"carbide three tooth blade for rounding blanks. Now, same as Roy, I use both a Stihl battery (more expensive but more flexibility,) and electric (cheaper,) chainsaw for longitudinal cuts.
  13. gritz

    Design and verify

    Defines my experience with Architects in my 30 years as a contractor...
  14. gritz

    Modern Handrail near Raleigh in White Oak?

    I got some modern rail and shoe custom made and plowed for craftsman balusters from Baird Bros. in Ohio a few years ago. First shipment had a bowed piece, and was replaced immediately. With Covid-19 issues today, I'd probably look for something I could pick up.
  15. gritz

    Black Walnut Floating Top End Table

    I know finishing those materials with varying porosity would be a challenge for me. Nice piece!
  16. gritz

    Chester County spice box

    Wow!!! So do you!
  17. gritz

    RDU - CL: Berkel - US Slicing Machine, Inc. - $150 (Smithfield)

    Trust is. Especially after my Dad cut some of his private stash, moldy, dry-aged beef. Tender and tasty, but a real mess to clean.
  18. gritz

    Bored 7 Year Old

    How about stilts? My kids loved them.
  19. gritz

    An interesting beech tree

    My guess would be curly, waterfall or quilted figure in addition to flame. I see similar trees in our 3500 acre mountain community, and always wonder what's hiding in there.
  20. gritz

    Help with a design?

    I have my grandfather's heart pine toolbox. Probably built in the 20s It is nailed.

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