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  1. redknife

    You can only choose 3.

    Planer or quality planer/jointer combo
  2. redknife


    Welcome Bryan. Look forward to your contributions.
  3. redknife

    Miter Saw Recommendations?

    FWIW, the dewalt 780/790 has a down light led so the shadow cast on the workpiece is very accurate, including being able to see the teeth without activating the saw. I can attach a Bosch hose directly to the saw, which is the same hose I use for the festool tools, Milwaukee cordless router...
  4. redknife

    Tried and True Varnish Oil

    I’ve used this a fair amount. You really have to use a small amount, wipe initially then come back a few times the same day to wipe it down. When that fails, i use 4-0 steel wool and then wipe it again and wait. I would think you could use shellac or oil based varnish over the T&T but I haven’t...
  5. redknife

    Blade size and type

    70 1/2 Manual
  6. redknife

    SawStop injury

    Sorry to hear about your accident, Jim. Wishing you a seemless recovery.
  7. redknife

    Indexing jig for mortiser

    Nice jig idea and great work. Thanks for sharing.
  8. redknife

    Hollow Chisel Mortiser or Domino Jointer

    I have both and use them differently. For solid furniture joinery, I prefer the mortiser and table saw tenoning jig. I enjoy the build and solid feel of a mortise and tenon joint. I use the Domino more frequently. If I had to give one up, I’d give up the mortiser and make mortises any number of...
  9. redknife

    Drum sanders, Jet, performax et al....

    Chris, are you using something like this? (Rubber sander cleaner) i have an open end Supermax and use the cleaner after each day’s use. It refreshes the sandpaper. If you are already doing that, I have nothing to add...
  10. redknife

    Remote Start or Switch on Wall etc. for Dust Collection.

    This has worked for me:
  11. redknife

    Jeremy Finison (jfynyson)

    Spelling issue? I typed jfyn... and he popped up.
  12. redknife

    An amateur builds a kitchen...

    Nice work, George. Look forward to the next installment.
  13. redknife

    White cabinet doors.

    Aqua-coat grain filler is an option. It is generally easy to apply a few layers, although scaled to 20 doors may be more onerous than other options mentioned. I’ve used it for smaller projects. I would envision mdf center panel and aqua-coat treatment of frames.
  14. redknife

    Finally Done

    Great job
  15. redknife

    Beginning Young Woodworker in NC

    Welcome, James.
  16. redknife

    Misaligned holes in tile for shower enclosure

    Schluter’s Kerdi-fix would be a great choice.
  17. redknife

    Maple and Walnut chest of drawers

    Wow, beautiful
  18. redknife

    WTB - Quiet compressor advice

    Eric Schmidt of HF has said that they are working on a major overhaul for parts availability and serviceability. Hopefully that will translate for the Fortress. Good luck.
  19. redknife

    WTB - Quiet compressor advice

    I have about 2 years on my CAT compressor. I haven’t had any problems and my single call to tech support was answered right away.
  20. redknife

    Stair rail configuration help

    Jim- You are right about the distance between the two rails. I might try your stepped approach. Until I get done installing new rails and returns, it might not be much extra work to wrap around for a continuous rail. I'll have to decide. Charley, I'll use my local lumber yard, Caudell Lumber...

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