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  1. Alex Stokes

    Porter Cable BN-125 Parts

    Hi Guys, Not really a hot deal or a for sale. I've got a Porter Cable BN-125 Nail gun. I was putting some nails into a bed for repair and drove one into an old nail shattering the plastic nose piece. I took it over to our repair shop in Raleigh and they told me the replacement part is no...
  2. Alex Stokes

    Visit Frequency

    Hi, I've been a member of NC Woodworker for a few years. I was overseas for a bit so didn't get on much. I'm back now, and despite getting up here a few times a week, my visit frequency remains a decimal figure. Are you able to reset that? I think it's averaging visits over the entire time...
  3. Alex Stokes

    Kitchen Knives

    Hi, Not entirely on topic but... has anyone found a good person to sharpen kitchen knives? Apex Knife Sharpening? I've got a set of good Wusthof knives and I'm tired of putting a crumby edge on them :(
  4. Alex Stokes

    New Lathe Recommendations?

    Hi, One thing I've never tried in my woodworking experience is turning something on a lathe. I have no idea if I'd like it, but I'd like to test the waters. Do any of you have any recommendations for a good but not terribly expensive lathe for a beginner? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year...
  5. Alex Stokes

    Tablesaw Splitter Recommendations?

    Hi all, I've got a Delta cabinet saw and I discovered today that my Biesmeyer splitter met with some misfortune (it got bent) and I can't hammer it back out straight and true. So... I need to go get a new splitter. Do any of you have any favorites? Canuck pointed me at Leeway Workshop's Shark...
  6. Alex Stokes

    Dehumidifying the Garage?

    Hi All, It seems like it's been such a humid summer. My workshop is in my garage. I mostly leave the door down, but the lawnmower and motorcycle share the space. I had been thinking about getting a dehumidifier and leaving it in there to run. But... every time I open that door (daily) - I...
  7. Alex Stokes

    LF 24" Bessey Bar Clamps

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to build my shop a bit and stop borrowing from Canuck for every project I do. I've got bar clamps but no Besseys yet. I see that they've just started selling the new and improved K Body Revo clamps for even more money than before (sigh). Does anyone know where I might lay...
  8. Alex Stokes


    Hi! My dear friend Canuck has been telling me for more than a year now that I needed to get up on here and join you folks. I think he's just tired of being my sole source of advice and instruction on woodworking basics like plugging in the saw and using the broom - lol Well I finally finished...

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