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  1. Touchwood

    Laminar Design

    Touchwood Don Corporate Member 24 minutes ago...
  2. Touchwood

    Article pictures

    I posted an article backl in 2013 titled "Laminar Design" I can find the article in my media but the JPEGs wont open. Any clues on why not. ??
  3. Touchwood

    Small Krenov-style chest on stand

    Hi All, Just finished this small James Krenov style chest on stand. Dimensions are 16X16X48. I used some pretty nice burly/curly maple from Jack Murdoch in Rolesville and some old "barn walnut". The chest is small so I decided to do side-mount drawers since there's minimal space wasted on...
  4. Touchwood

    New Posts

    Tried to post a new thread today with pictures. A total waste of time. I've probably posted 50 or so projects over the past 10 years and never had a problem... but this is ridiculous.. It wasn't broke, so who decided to "fix" it ...
  5. Touchwood


    How do you change your avatar ??
  6. Touchwood

    Choosing Wood part 2

    Meant to show how nice that mineral staining works for wrap-around grain
  7. Touchwood

    Choosing Wood

    Hi Gang, Needed to make some jewellery boxes for my twin daughters' birthday this month ( you get used to making double everything) and looked for wood to use. I got some curly maple from Jack Murdoch (Rolesville) a few years back. Some of it had mineral staining and I was going to cut that off...
  8. Touchwood

    Grandmother Clock

    OK...this is weird. I had written a story about this clock but when I posted it...the words were gone:icon_scra Dunno what happened. Anyway my daughter put in a request for a Grandfather type clock only smaller (hence Grandmother clock) in an Arts and Crafts style. This what I came up...
  9. Touchwood

    Grandmother Clock

    The description for this piece was deleted when it was posted (still can't figure out what I did wrong) I put the words into a separate post with the same title . That's why there are two posts with the same title and date. I did figure out how to rotate an image in my galllery (...
  10. Touchwood

    Vintage tools

    I made a small wine rack for a friend and he rewarded me with a couple of old tools...a brace and plow plane. I dont know much about vintage woodworking tools, but I know some of you are really knowledgeable, so I'm posting them for comments First is this brace It shows "John Wilson Maker...
  11. Touchwood


    What the heck has happened to the gallery upload process...its become very awkward to use...compared to maybe a few months ago. No matter what I tried, it uploads pictures rotated left. Submit loads horizontal. So change original to still loads horizontal. Also you...
  12. Touchwood

    Google ...but check out the fine print in the last frame :icon_thum
  13. Touchwood

    Interesting Article on BLO vs. Tung Oil

    A lot of discussion lately on finishing. Came across this article this morning on Tung Oil myths Don
  14. Touchwood

    Motor starting caqpacitor

    Hi All, Bought my old Grizzly dust collector in 1991. turned it on yesterday and it just hummed,then turned very slowly up to speed. The 2HP 240V motor would have been expensive to replace but I remembered a post about motors and capacitors a few weeks back. It should have measured open circuit...
  15. Touchwood

    Any Suggestions ?

    Hi Gang. My spindle sander (an old Wilton) finally died...totally seized up. After disassembling and seeing the sad state inside, I decided to scrap it. Bought a new one from Amazon and it arrived today...this one...
  16. Touchwood

    Art Wood (free)

    Hi All, I picked up these slabs eons ago thinking I would use them in some kind of wall art..wood tapestry etc. They've been kicking around the shop and it's pretty clear I'm never going to get around to using someone else might as well. They are bone dry. The cherry is pretty curly...
  17. Touchwood

    Sctoll saw set-up

    I think the task lights developed by Charlie are way cool!!...but I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age. Found this goose-neck clamp-on at Wal-Mart for $7.88 and replaced the bulb with a Cree 5 watt LED from the BORG (equivalent lumens out about the same as a 40 watt incandescent...400 lumens...
  18. Touchwood

    Lie-Nielsen Event

    Just an FYI...In Durham. Oct 30-31 Don
  19. Touchwood

    Scroll saw shells

    I was in the process of deleting a bunch of "junk folder emails" on this rainy afternoon when I came across this video. I haven't seen the technique before..thought it was interesting enough to post here. :) He has some other stuff on line with...
  20. Touchwood

    Brusso Hinges

    Hi All, Just an FYI...Brusso is having a sale on its small hinges (JB-101 and CB-301) regularly about $27/pr. for $10/pr. Sale ends Monday 9/28 at noon. Limit two pr. per customer :). ( Don

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