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  1. SubGuy

    Unusual Request

    As most of you know, I am still active in the military. I have a military friend who grabbed me today and asked if I had any family or good friends in the Raleigh area that could board his wife for a month or two. His 14yo daughter is getting transferred to a special treatment center for a...
  2. SubGuy

    And also another project I build a few months back.

    Poplar painted with a cherry top and reclaimed Douglas Fir doors (from a boardwalk in CT that had been there since the 50's) The doors have a barn door style mount now. I will try to get pictures of it this weekend.
  3. SubGuy

    Finally finished the table I promised my wife.

    And got around to taking pics. Wore out my mortise chisels, had to re-sharpen once and need to again. A ton of M&Ts and through M&Ts. Minimal use of fasteners to just hardware and alignment pieces.
  4. SubGuy

    Opinions on Dust Collection

    So to start with, we just moved. I am setting up the shop. I have a place for my 3HP Woodtek 4 bagger DC and it's got an electrical outlet I just installed. I am pretty convinced on getting the Oneida Super Dust Deputy XL (has 6" Inlet and Outlet which matches my DC) and building a stand for...
  5. SubGuy

    Prepping to wire the new shop

    So I just recently moved (locally, we bought a house) and am setting up my shop. I am running into two issues. I need to run three 220v circuits and a few 110v circuits and I don't want to run it in the walls due to not wanting to cut the drywall. I originally had big extension cables I made...
  6. SubGuy

    Dropped my Smoothing plane

    I accidentally dropped my smoothing plane. The lever cap broke. It's a Miller Falls. Any idea where to pick up a replacement?
  7. SubGuy

    I hate relearning a lesson....

    I was just cutting through mortises. Drilled (too close to the edge), didn't use the drill press for time (I hate my current drill press) then proceeded to par the sides... blew it right out by striking too hard. Now a piece that I have two tenons of time in and it's unusable.... I know...
  8. SubGuy

    Time to buy a shoulder plane!

    Been looking at them. Got 18 tenons to trim a bit. Current considerations are Veritas, Woodriver, Stanley. Looking for other options as well and ideas on which size has been most comfortable/useful.
  9. SubGuy

    Need a new ROS.....the old debate

    I currently have a PC ROS, it's leaving bad swirl marks, spits dust everywhere, vibrates horribly and is out of balance. I am getting frustrated with it and have been looking at other options. I have two lines of thought, high end with dust collection or buy a couple of dedicated sanders for...
  10. SubGuy

    Late Bandsaw Gloat

    I got this back in November, but I've been quite busy lately and since I have only used it once and now it's a place to lean wood for the moment I don't have any pics in the shop. I don't currently have a projects on...
  11. SubGuy

    Need some help finding a table picture on here.

    I was looking for one of those floating top looking tables to show my wife. We're in a new house which means furniture building time. Thanks in advance.
  12. SubGuy

    Article: Glen Huey Guest Chat Transcript (of Woodworker 360) (May 21, 2015)

    You can view the page at
  13. SubGuy

    Finished these tabletops for a local brewery

    These are made of reclaimed old growth Douglas Fir that came from the Hammonasset State Park area in Madison, CT Area. It was from the old boardwalk and picnic area. I made 4 tops and I think they turned out great. Customer is happy. Just gotta finish the slab now and I will be moving on to...
  14. SubGuy

    Made this about a year ago. Wall Display Case!

    I made this to hold an award our command received last year. I just hung it today. The award will be placed later once it's prepared for display. It's figured maple (tiger, fiddleback, let's not get into it) for the frame. Sapele for the case. Hinged from the top, magnets for the hold on the...
  15. SubGuy

    $Finished$*Updated w/ pics*Ever wondered how to flatten a slab without massive equipment?

    This is how I do it: This one is a one run design and proof of concept. That slab is 3.25" thick and 26" to 29" wide. I will post pics of the project once I get it finished. I am working on a sketchup design for a more fine tuned version for flattening slabs. The sled is a simple router...
  16. SubGuy

    Article: Steve Good, The Mastermind behind Scrollsaw Workshop, Chat (2015, February, 19)

    You can view the page at
  17. SubGuy

    How much Rockhard per sq foot?

    I got a commission project and I am ordering finish. Does anyone know how much Behlen's Rockhard will cover? I am planning 3-5 coats but it would be nice to know how much in one coat roughly. Thanks in advance.
  18. SubGuy

    Thinking outside the box.....Shou Sugi Ban Thoughts? I am thinking about trying it.
  19. SubGuy

    Was researching some ideas for future projects and found this: It's a 3 part video on the making of a reclaimed large table. I learned some things that never thought about before. I was questioning some of his methods but...
  20. SubGuy

    What tool to do mortises.

    First off, I am tired of the drill press and cheap hand chisels. I would really like a solution that make it more enjoyable and precise. I have considered multiple solutions and have a base reasoning established. Dollars aways matter as I am leary of great expenditures unless it is really...

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