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  1. Ralrick

    HVLP Spraying

    Decided I want to learn to use a sprayer and thought it was time to invest in an HVLP system. Hobbyist usage but would like to occasionally spray a white latex or acrylic paint if possible. From my research, spraying a paint/primer seems to indicate a 3 stage unit is required but I have read...
  2. Ralrick

    Thanks Phil S!

    Just wanted to thank Phil again for taking the time to turn a piece of walnut as an insert for me to splice a table post. It fit in the post perfectly! I appreciate you doing it and all you do to help the NC Woodworker community! Rick
  3. Ralrick

    Anyone with a lathe in North Raleigh?

    Would love a small favor from someone. I've had to cut down an aluminum pole into two pieces to shorten it and I'm now looking to splice it back together. I'm looking for someone to turn a 5-6" long wooden cylinder (approximately 2 3/16 diameter) that I can epoxy in the pole to join both...
  4. Ralrick

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    I have an aluminum pole for a table. I'd like to find a machine shop that could shorten and then re-thread the end. Anyone know of someone or a business that might be able to do this type of work in Raleigh? The pole is about 2.75" diameter and I'd like it cut down from 17" to 11". Let me...
  5. Ralrick

    Rookie Mistake

    Made two cabinets including 4 drawers over last night and tonight. I was just wrapping up for the night and decided to do some dry assembly before heading out of the shop. Had one cabinet about assembled and realized I never cut the top stretchers . . . . . I'm already dusty and thinking...
  6. Ralrick

    Outdoor Cabinets - what materials?

    I'm planning to build some cabinets that will be outside on a covered dock at the lake. The cabinets will be exposed to heat/cold/humidity but they will not really be exposed to direct sunlight nor rain as they will be in an outside covered bar area. Does anyone have experience with different...
  7. Ralrick

    Cabinet use outdoors

    Does anyone have experience with cabinets being used outdoors but in a covered area? My only experience is some fairly inexpensive garage cabinets (I think from Home Depot) that have held up fine for over 10 years and I'm wondering if 're-purposed' kitchen cabinets would have the same longevity...
  8. Ralrick

    Greensboro Estate Tool Sale

    Wondering how many made it out to Greensboro this weekend for the estate sale with so many of the high-end hand tools? There was a ton of Lie Nielson, Bridge City, Veritas, etc. Anyone get any great deals or cool stuff? I bought a small Lie Nielson plane, a Veritas Chisel plane and a pretty...
  9. Ralrick

    Garage Shop - Looking for new design ideas

    I plan to redo the layout of my garage workshop in the next few weekends as I'd like to add a permanent miter saw station along a wall. I'd love any input from guys that have done a few shop designs in the past and see if some new eyes on the space might inspire some new ways to approach the...
  10. Ralrick

    Jet Jointer Repair

    I have a 6" Jet Jointer and after working flawlessly for the last 10 years, the ball crank cast iron piece on the infeed table adjustment has broken. Luckily the piece that broke is only about $20 so it should be as inexpensive repair. I had a couple questions for anyone that has done any...
  11. Ralrick

    Would a Tracksaw work?

    We had a deck built 5 or 6 years ago using kiln dried lumber and the contractor 'butted' the decking boards up against each other. I had told him to space the boards when we were planning the project but he didn't. Anyway, fast forward to today and we get some 'puddling' in spots where the...
  12. Ralrick

    Acme Tool - Good Customer Service

    I wanted to upgrade my miter saw to one of the sliders that could be placed up against the wall so I could build it into a smaller footprint cabinet. I ended up ordering the Makita LS1019 from Acme Tools and was looking forward to coming home this evening knowing the saw had been delivered and...
  13. Ralrick

    High Point Drawer Slides reviews?

    I'm changing out a few fixed shelves in my bar to be pull out 'drawers'. I had planned on using Blum slides from Woodcraft but realized they no longer carry that brand. The only ones they had that met my requirements were made by High Point and I can't find many reviews online about these...
  14. Ralrick

    It's warm in the shop

    I usually have some free time at the end of the year and was hoping to do more woodworking this year since I recently added a couple heating / AC Units. I have to admit, it is so much more enticing to get in the shop knowing you can be working in a t-shirt. What a great addition to the shop...
  15. Ralrick

    Finally - accurate resawing

    I struggled with by Jet 14" bandsaw trying to get accurate cuts for years. I never really knew why I couldn't keep the blade tracking and vertical and therefore could never make accurate cuts. Long story short, I finally figured out the tracking hinge was bent and that bend made it impossible...
  16. Ralrick

    Dewalt Router Plunge Base

    This is a long shot but has anyone found an extra plunge router base for a dewalt router in your shop? I've searched my entire shop and I have the router, fixed base and the case but I can not find the plunge base that was part of the set. My only thought is that I left it at one of the...
  17. Ralrick

    Jet Bandsaw Issue - Tensioning Mechanism

    My Jet 14" bandsaw (JWBS-14CSW) has been getting very difficult to adjust for tracking and tensioning. Doing some research on the web looks like there is a frequent problem with many 14" bandsaws where the hinge bracket on the tracking mechanism is bending. I think that is the issue I'm having...
  18. Ralrick

    Wood movement question

    I'm making an interior decorative access door with final dimensions of about 30" x 80" x 2 3/4" thick. Overall, my goal is to reduce noise as there is an AC unit behind the door in a basement. My plan was to make a wooden frame filled with Roxul (sound deadening insulation) and then 1/4"...
  19. Ralrick

    Oh No - is this a wood eating beetle?

    Was starting to dimension some of the wood from the "Walnut" Wood run from last September and noticed 5-6 of these beetles as shown in the picture. Does this look like a powder post beetle or some other wood eating beetle? And if so, does that mean I should just destroy all this wood? If I...
  20. Ralrick

    Wrapping Basement Lally Columns

    Anyone have experience wrapping support posts (I think they are called Lally Columns??). We've had our basement bar finished for a while now but never settled on a plan for how to wrap the columns. I was thinking of trying to make a square board with a hole cut in the middle to fit around the...

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