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  1. ErnieM

    Wet sanding water based finishes

    I've been using oil based finishes on my instruments for the past 40 years. It's high time to try out the water based finishes that so many folks are using. I'm wondering what lubricant you all use to wet sand water based finishes. I've always used water with a little detergent mixed in to wet...
  2. ErnieM

    Dust Collector Rattle - UPDATE

    I have a 2hp Grizzly dust collector that is several years old. Recently it has started to make an ear-splitting buzzing rattle that starts a few seconds after the unit is turned on. I've tightened every bolt I could find, but the noise persists. Unfortunately, tightening bolts is the extent of...
  3. ErnieM

    Latest Harpsichords

    HI all, Thought I would post some pictures of harpsichords I've built in 2019. The first is an instrument of my own design. It is meant for people who have no need for an instrument with all the bells and whistles. It is only 5' long and has 49 notes with a single string per note, along with...
  4. ErnieM

    Email notification

    I am not receiving any emails telling me that someone has responded to a post that I'm subscribed to. Is this feature not working, or has it been discontinued?
  5. ErnieM

    Lost my mentor and friend

    I just found out that my friend and mentor, Paul Kennedy, has died. In the mid 1980's I met Paul and he took me under his wing. For the next 6 years, he taught me all he knew about harpsichord building. As we lived a couple of miles apart, I was in his shop constantly - asking questions that...
  6. ErnieM

    Visit to Charlie's shop (candy store)

    Yesterday we had the February meeting of the New Bern lunch bunch at Charlie Stickney's shop in Raleigh. Sandy and I got there at 10:00 and I was like a kid in a candy store. What a fabulous, well thought out shop. Charlie has to import dust from other shops as he never has any lying around...
  7. ErnieM

    Duct tape failure

    For years I've been using 3M duct tape for clamping thin moldings etc. I like it because it stretches, so a reasonable amount of pressure can be applied on thin wood. Lately, I've run into a problem - the tape doesn't stick. It's fine when first applied, but checking on it a few minutes later...
  8. ErnieM

    Need a Stanley #80 scraper

    Anyone have a Stanley #80 scraper they'd like to sell? I'm not looking for a fixer-upper but one in decent condition. Thanks, Ernie
  9. ErnieM

    Harpsichord - Bowls - Sculpture from the New Bern Lunch Bunch

    Having just completed my latest harpsichord, the New Bern Lunch Bunch decided to hold our March meeting in my shop in Chocowinity to check it out. Charlie (Charlie Stickney) and Leon (Leon Harkins) came down all the way from Raleigh to join us. Fortunately for us, they brought with them some...
  10. ErnieM

    Oh No!...I'm getting cranky again

    Like a lot of you, I watch a lot of woodworking videos on the internet machine. Lately, I've noticed what, to me, is a disturbing trend - videos with no narration. So you sit there and watch some guy cutting wood, drilling wood, sanding wood, gluing wood, etc. over, and over, and over again. You...
  11. ErnieM

    Glue dispensers - UGH!

    Hi all, As I'm getting older, I find myself more annoyed with little things that probably shouldn't bother me. Today's complaint is about glue bottles - I hate them. I've tried many and they all are great at one thing - clogging at the tip. My last attempt at solving this problem was the...
  12. ErnieM

    Free Scroll Saw

    Is anyone looking for an entry level scrollsaw? I'm not a scroller, but I just purchased a Hawk 220vs at a price I couldn't turn down. My current saw is a Sears 16" variable speed model that's about 6 or 7 years old. It has held up well, but I only used it a few times a year. It's missing a hold...
  13. ErnieM

    Steam Bending in Reverse?

    So I'm in the process of bending a harpsichord bridge. The hard maple bridge is 60" long and tapers in height and width from 1/2" in the front to 11/16" in the rear. I thoroughly wet the bridge with water and then wrap it in wet towels for an overnight soaking. The next morning, I put it in the...
  14. ErnieM

    This NEVER happens

    About a month ago, I finished my latest project - a copy of the 1640 Andreas Ruckers harpsichord. A couple of weeks later, I got a phone call asking me if I could supply a harpsichord for a pair of concerts to be given by Leon Schelhase, a professional harpsichordist and professor at the Curtis...
  15. ErnieM

    Kudos to Jet customer service

    I have a 4 year old Jet 10/20 drum sander that I thought I would use occasionally when I bought it. Turns out I use it almost every day. This past Tuesday night I tried to raise the drum by turning the crank and found that the threaded hole in the arm was totally stripped and the threaded rod...
  16. ErnieM

    How-To Videos

    I'm in the middle of painting a harpsichord using oil-based paint. Since my shop has no finishing room, I can't do much woodworking during the curing period. Rather than sitting around for hours watching paint dry, I like to watch how-to videos on YouTube. I find many well done and informative...
  17. ErnieM

    New Compressor-Thank you Scott Smith

    My old compressor, Sears oil-less 33 gallon, needed repair. Nothing drastic and easily fixed - except I didn't want to fix it. I no longer needed a compressor that big, and the deafening noise when it replenished itself was really getting to me. So I decided to replace it with something smaller...
  18. ErnieM

    Latest Harpsichord - video & sound III

    The last clip features the "buff stop", which is a set of leather wedges that contact the lower keyboard strings and semi-mutes the sound, giving the instrument a guitar or lute-like quality. Thanks again for listening. Ernie
  19. ErnieM

    Latest Harpsichord - video & sound II

    The second short clip has him playing on the lower keyboard using 2/3rds (122) of the strings.
  20. ErnieM

    Latest Harpsichord - video & sound

    Last week I posted some pictures of my latest instrument. Some of you asked for sound files so you could hear it played. This afternoon, Dr. O'brien, professor of keyboards and early music at ECU, dropped by to try out the instrument. It is a joy to hear him play. Unfortunately, I have no...

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