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  1. rcarmac

    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    What type of shoes do you were in your workshop. Boots, sneakers, croc, etc. I have a concrete floor with mats, but starting to arch issues. Just wondering what others are doing
  2. rcarmac

    Bandsaw Vibration

    The vibration on my Jet 18” bandsaw keeps getting worse. I have tried changing out the blade with some new blades I just received from woodcraft bands. The base is level and solid. I don’t know if the wheels are out of balance or maybe I need to replace the tires.
  3. rcarmac

    Back at Woodworking -Project Finished

    So after about 5 years I have been able to get back to doing a bigger woodworking project. My oldest daughter is 5 and since she was born, I only had time for some smaller projects and requests from the wife and family. Now I have some time for a “me” project. I love doing detailed, intricate...
  4. rcarmac

    New Tool Gloat

    I don’t have many new tools in my shop. I have been looking at this drum sander for many many months. Finally decided to pull the trigger. Never had a drum sander before till now. so far I have been very impressed.
  5. rcarmac

    Table Saw Question

    Does anyone have experience with Laguna Table Saws. I am looking at getting a new saw and was just doing some online research. The Laguna saws are priced really competitive, especially compared to Saw Stop. Thoughts
  6. rcarmac

    Wood Release?

    Has anyone done something like a wood release. Background: I am doing a project for a local town. The project required the cutting of some trees, one that was a pretty large size. I asked the town about taking some wood from that cut tree to make pens to give out at the ribbon cutting to...
  7. rcarmac

    1” Sander and Question

    I picked up this 1” sander today and some sand paper. question, can a speed control like unit be put on this motor so that the speed can be changed?
  8. rcarmac

    Poll: Quick Workshop Survey - Plug or Unplug

    Just curious, do you keep your shop bench tools plugged in all the time or unplugged. It would be a lot easier to keep everything plugged in, but for the life of me I cant seem to get comfortable with it. I always have to unplug everything. I guess I am worried about fires and damage by...
  9. rcarmac

    Finished My 1st Dust Collection System

    It took me a couple of months and several more months of planning. It took a lot of trial and error, supplies from 4 different places, several trips to Klingspor, and 1 trip back to Klingspor returning the things I didn’t use. Total of 11 tools and 2 floor sweeps. I’m pretty happy with the...
  10. rcarmac

    Tool Gloat - Dust Collector

    My first real dust collector. Looking forward to getting this setup, working, and then let the piping fun begin. I hope this makes a big difference.
  11. rcarmac

    Small Shops with Dust Collection System

    I am starting to make plans to install a dust collection system in a small shop. I am in the process of laying out the piping on paper, getting a parts list together and looking at what dust collector to get. I think it would be helpful to see a couple of small shops that have a piped dust...
  12. rcarmac

    Just a Quick Shop Survey

    Just a quick survey. I am thinking about my current shop and maybe looking at building a new one. I just wanted to get an idea of what other people’s shop size is, for comparison. I know it can never be big enough, but I am just curious what size everyone else is working in. Responding...
  13. rcarmac

    Question for Pen Turners

    So I have received a commission to make about 25-30 pens for a business client. They had to remove a “significant” and “sentiment” tree from their property due to expansion. They want the pens made out of the tree for them to give out. I didn’t see the tree before it was removed, but they call...
  14. rcarmac

    Keepsake Box with Foam Protection

    I have a "special" Gavel that is a keepsake from an association that I am in. It has special plaques mounted to it that notes past conferences and events from the associations history. The dimesons are: Handle: 21-1/8” long by 5-1/2” circumference Gavel head: 7-1/2” long x 13” circumference...
  15. rcarmac

    Rockwell Belt Sander

    Does anyone have one of these old Rockwell 1” Belt Sander/Grinder like this one One of my idler wheels broke. From reading online, seems like a common problem with these machines, but it seems really hard to find replacement parts that doesn’t cost $40 per wheel. Trying to decide if it’s worth...
  16. rcarmac

    Looking for Suggestions: Metal/Wood attachment

    My mother-in-law wants me to try and attach this metal cross to the wood cross below so she can hang it on the wall. Trying to figure out the best way to do that. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  17. rcarmac

    Klingspor in Cary/Apex?

    I just walked by a storefront under interior renovation with a sign that said "Klingspor Woodworking coming soon". This was in Cary, near Apex, off Hwy 64. Exciting if it's true.
  18. rcarmac

    Thoughts on Easy Wood Turning Tools?

    Recently I have been considering purchasing the Easy Wood Tools Starter Kit. I hadn't 100% made up my mind when I received them as a gift for Christmas. Thoughts or Experiences? I am considering keeping them versus returning.
  19. rcarmac

    Door Trim Question

    Looking for thoughts on how to make this 2 piece door trim, specifically the radius part. The only thing I can think of using my tools is a router with a round over bit on both sides. Thoughts on making this profile. I worry with a round over bit on both sides about making a smooth complete...
  20. rcarmac

    Question about Radial Arm Saw

    So I was just given an older (mid 1980's) Craftsman Radial Arm Saw. What I am trying to figure out is what place it serve if you have a table saw and a miter saw? Any thoughts? Also, it appears this saw falls under a safety recall. Under the recall, they will either send me a new safety housing...

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