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  1. golfdad

    NCWW could use a stimulus

    I still havent gotten mine!
  2. golfdad

    Another price question

    Times 3 is closer to a fair price unless the unless the material is more on the expensive end
  3. golfdad

    First Drum Sander Thoughts

    I have the 16/32. Works great and its about 8-10 yrs old
  4. golfdad

    Spalted maple stain options

    my question is why stain a beautiful wood
  5. golfdad

    SawStop: Thank You!

    Be carefull my friend . Glad your ok
  6. golfdad

    HVLP Spraying

    Sprayit guns are very good Dan. He should try one and they wont break the bank. He could try mine if he wants
  7. golfdad

    Heirlooms without a destiny

    Willem your dad was an awesome craftsman. You are extremely fortunate to have been taught by him.
  8. golfdad

    HVLP Spraying

    Same as Chris. Very good unit
  9. golfdad

    Not much in the General Woodworking section

    Welcome back Dan....we missed your input
  10. golfdad

    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    Guilty......wood hoarder here. Burn off the excess in the winter
  11. golfdad

    Side Work

    Folks I had a call from a gentleman in N Raleigh. Needs a side of his shutter refabricated. . Any one interested please PM me and I will pass you his info. I do not have time right now. Thanks
  12. golfdad

    NCWW could use a stimulus

    Ditto what Phil said
  13. golfdad

    Router Bit Set for Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

    Sommerfeld tools have very good router bits
  14. golfdad

    Ridgid warrantee made useless

    Had an issue last yr with a ridgid router. Took it directly to the service center. They checked paperwok...7 weeks later Inhad a new rebuilt router.....oiginal was 3 yrs old. Like Mark said they are not speedy.
  15. golfdad

    Recent turning, like today

    Good looking piece Gene. Really curious how you finish turn an oval
  16. golfdad

    New old guy

    Welcome to the sawdust pile Tommy
  17. golfdad

    220 vs 110v

    I agree with Jack. If it came with an option to go 220 mine is
  18. golfdad

    Walnut Cookie

    I am looking for walnut cookie atoind 2" thick in the 10-12 diameter range. Please PM me if you have one available
  19. golfdad

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    Very Sorry to hear your Dad has left for another mission Richard. Prayers for your family in the tough time. My Dad was my best friend also
  20. golfdad

    Recent small project - art frames

    Nice work Neal

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