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  1. ScottM

    Help needed ripping cedar

    Here is the website for Scott Smith:
  2. ScottM

    Latest Turnings

    As usual they leave me speechless.
  3. ScottM

    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    Woodpeckers 6" Paolini pocket rule and a pencil.
  4. ScottM

    Something Different

    WOW Charlie. I had no idea you removed that much wood.
  5. ScottM


    Happy Birthday Neal!!!
  6. ScottM

    Do NCWW Forums have "spell check"?

    Spell checks works for me on NCWW.
  7. ScottM

    Well, this kindof just happened....

    Great reminder of the good old days.
  8. ScottM

    New from Cherryville

    Welcome to the sawdust pile. We love pictures of tools, works in progress and finished projects. Post often.
  9. ScottM

    Decks and Ramps Question

    Mark I am part of a community organization called Helpful Hands and Hearts that builds ramps for the needy. We have done over 150 in the 5 counties around where I live and everyone is different. Some of the places we build we double the property value by adding a 16' ramp. Some of the basics...
  10. ScottM

    Sound system..?

    Alexa Echo
  11. ScottM

    Dealing with Rotting Door Jamb

    I do not know your skill level but having done many home repair projects myself I can truly tell you that the only true 5 minute job is writing a check to have someone else do the work. What ever amount of time you think it will take you add 20%.
  12. ScottM

    No more woodworking for awhile..........

    Good luck. Stay in touch.
  13. ScottM

    Need some wood ID'ed please

    Another vote for ash.
  14. ScottM

    Want to Buy Box Elder

    I second what Charles Lent said. Here is his website:
  15. ScottM

    Burrowing Owls

    Great job Berta.
  16. ScottM

    NCWW Picnic Cancelled......Raffle tickets still available

    It was a tough call but with what is going on in NC and other states it is the correct call.
  17. ScottM

    Wood Carving Tools - $20 (Bedford)

    For $20 you really can't go wrong.
  18. ScottM

    Rate your wood preference

    1. Soft maple 2. Poplar 3. Walnut 4. Red oak 5. Cherry 6. Anything free
  19. ScottM

    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    I have boxes of off cuts. I always surface them first before cutting a larger piece and I know it takes a lot of time.

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