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    Incra Box Jig Question

    You need to be careful when using the IBOX on a router table for the reasons I mentioned above. That said, Perry McDaniel (the INCRA guy in the IBOX video) sent me a short video years ago showing him using the IBOX on a router table to make a special joint. He didn't use the small furniture...
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    Incra Box Jig Question

    Wow, two IBOXes! I only have 1 and a half (mostly a pile of parts! - a production model and a pre-production model with tons of extra holes in it an mostly disassembled :rolleyes:) I'll bet you have made more box joints in the past few years than I have. :( The only thing I can add is the...
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    Incra Box Jig Question

    Unless the wood is wet or soft and compressible- the fitness of the fingers should be the same regardless of the orientation of the grain if the jig is properly set and used. The difference between a good fitting joint and one that is too loose or too tight can be as little as .004" or less...
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    Need help designing a Swivel

    The drawing is pretty crude- I haven't used SketchUp in a few years! All this simple design needs is a stop to prevent down-rod from rotating too far- a pin/screw in the down-rod near the flange and a stop attached to the flange would give you almost +/- 360° of rotation. It could also be done...
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    Need help designing a Swivel

    Some pieces of steel angle, 4' of 3/4" steel pipe (threaded at one end), a threaded steel flange, some washers, a clevis pin or two or a bolt and some long wood screws, and some ingenuity. All for less than $30. (no fancy bearings or mounts needed)
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    Screwed and plugged wood flooring - best screws?

    If your flooring expands and contracts due to seasonal changes, screwed planks won't be able to move like they would if just nailed- gaps will appear. It happened to a countertop I laminated many years ago. I screwed and plugged the planks to an MDF base- looked really great then looked...
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    Wet sanding water based finishes

    There may be some confusion in terminology. Most true "water-based" finishes do not rub out worth a darn. Latex house paint is a "water-based" finish. However, as Bryan says, the new generation "Waterborne" finishes are a totally different animal. They are more akin to lacquer and do indeed...
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    Dust Collector Wiring

    It is a function of time. Not just all gates open but little to no ductwork- that will cause the breaker to pop in a heartbeat.
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    Dust Collector Wiring

    Not any 120V DC I've ever seen! Chips maybe but not dust.
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    Dust Collector Wiring

    But you can't operate your blast gate that way, and frankly to me that is just as important or more so if you let your DC run continuously. Unless your DC makes objectionable noise, you can leave it going. You'll want the highest CFM the DC will generate at the machine currently being used...
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    Dust Collector Wiring

    The simplest way to do it is with a relay (contactor) that has a coil rated at 220v and contacts rated for the voltage and amperage of the DC. You can typically find them on Ebay and surplus websites for under $10. For "delay on off" you can add a delay on off relay. But, delay on off is...
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    Automatic dust collection

    I sent a PM to Bill, but if anyone else is interested in my fully automatic system with electro-pneumatic blast gates search the archives. It is still working great, almost 12 years later! :) There are multiple posts containing most of the info. I got two pages of results searching using...
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    WANTED: Delta Unifence rail

    Just click on envelope next to your name. I just sent an intro.
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    WANTED: Delta Unifence rail

    Some years ago I was going to cut the old rail into two pieces- add one piece to my bandsaw (I have a second fence casting but could find the rip fence) and attach the other half to a drop down extension table I had planned to build and add to the left side of my right-tilt Unisaw. I never...
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    WANTED: Delta Unifence rail

    The differences in the fence rails are in the configuration of the extrusion where it meets and mounts to the saw table. The old style has a solid channel with unthreaded bolt holes- making it a real pain to mount, while the newer style has a T- track like slot on the back so it is much easier...
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    Bosch Drill/Driver PS20 clutch - toss or repair?

    I had what sounded like similar indications- turned out it was just the clutch ring was not in a detent. Rotated it to the nearest detent and all was good.
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    Latest Harpsichords

    Yup, another masterpiece!
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    Buying Clamp Racks

    I mostly have a bunch of the original Bessey K-Body clamps but not a lot of wall space. Besides, many glue-ups require numerous clamps and that could require multiple trips to a clamp rack. My solution- a cart that I can roll up to my assembly table, but a cart with a twist. The clamps sit on...
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    Williams & Hussey Moulder

    Sorry, no interior photos. You can see a photo of the almost complete front on Zillow and overhead and street views on Goodle Maps. According to the listing It has only 3 bedrooms, but 7 1/2 bathrooms!! There are at least 3 Williamsburg style outbuildings on the lot. 297 Lori Dr., Brook...

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