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    Grizzly 8” Joiner - $800 (Weaverville)

    Just saw that. If I just didn't pick up a 8" (not helical or parallelogram though, mmmm). Looks like it will be gone shortly at that price.
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    Laguna 14|BX - $1000 (Salisbury)

    Not mine. Looks like it's in quite good condition at $500 off retail:
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    West Penn Hardwoods has Monkeypod in 4/4 for $9.00/bd ft. May be a bit of a drive for you though.
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    Cedar pickets

    They're the supplier for the homedepot link in the OP.
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    Cedar pickets

    In the Q&A section, HamptonLumber commented that they were untreated.
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    Router bit for flattening slabs?

    I bought the same type from Freud and it worked well (99-026).
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    Easy question for dust collection

    I wouldn't put it around trees or near any bushes. From what I've read, it will absorb the nitrogen out of the soil. Makes good compost though.
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    New from Huntersville / Charlotte

    I'll say it's a good thing my wife wanted the base painted. Had to use filler in a few spots as my chisel abilities still require some work.
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    Laguna Fusion Table Plus Saw - $650 (Hickory)

    He also had a small Jet drum sander and Laguna helix 6" jointer. Think they were picked up within an hour of the post as I enquired.
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    New from Huntersville / Charlotte

    I recently joined the forum to take the next step in my progress. I started out about 2 years ago moving into a new house and receiving a pile of scrap 1x10 from work. Sorted it, burned a lot, and have kept some. Built a few rough bed frames from the infamous Ana White and then recently...

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