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  1. Gofor

    Brown recluse spider bite

    We all pretty much knew you are more ornery than any little ol' spider. Good deal!!
  2. Gofor

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    Deepest condolences to you and your family. I am sure he is standing proud at his Final Roll Call. RIP Sergeant Major.
  3. Gofor

    ISO tires for my 14" band saw

    Checking the wheels for being co-planar isn't too hard if you have a long enough straight edge. The hardest part is finding shim washers to adjust it if its too far out. I found some at .025 and .040 at Tractors supply when I did mine.
  4. Gofor

    Ridgid TS3650 Table saw

    Wow. Sure looks a lot better than mine!! Good saw.
  5. Gofor

    Brown recluse spider bite

    They prefer dark, dry, undisturbed environments, so can be hiding in any undisturbed nook or cranny. Although that may sound very bad, for a closet, etc fits the bill, but as long as you have the other insects at bay by spraying, etc, the spider won't stay long where there is no food. Probably...
  6. Gofor

    Broken Stanley Block Plane

    I wonder if parts from this one would match: or this one
  7. Gofor

    Dado Plane

    You can get a 1/8" blade for that Veritas router plane.
  8. Gofor

    Sawing crown molding on a table saw?

    Neighbor happy, you're happy, and nobody leaking red stuff = Good Job!
  9. Gofor

    Sawing crown molding on a table saw?

    To help keep the board flush to the table to, you can use a vertical feather board clamped to the fence with a spacer to locate it in front of the blade but about in the board center width-wise. The board should be face down so that the main board is above the blade during the cut. (You do not...
  10. Gofor

    Building Question: Shop Expansion

    If the HOA will allow, build a new shop (IMHO 16 x 24 would be the absolute minimum size considering the power tools you have). Keep the old shed for lawn/garden tool storage, recreational equipment storage, and lumber storage. Who knows, you may even be able to clean out the garage enough to...
  11. Gofor

    Miter Saw Recommendations?

    I have the DeWalt 12" slider. Good accurate saw with a couple of draw-backs: 1. The hold down clamps are useless. Poor design and they just do not work 2. Mine has the laser light. Don't waste extra money for that model if using it for furniture work. The 12" slider without it is cheaper...
  12. Gofor

    Hi guys! I’m back after a long layoff!

    Welcome back!!
  13. Gofor

    Need Help...Electrical problem with Grizzly 20" planer

    One thing not said so far: If you have a 30A motor and its pulling 50A, it could be either a short in the machine, or something jamming the blades/cutter head or rollers causing it to go to max amps. While you are diagnosing it, check to make sure they are not jammed by a bolt or other bit of...
  14. Gofor

    Input on pipe clamps

    I use 3/4" pipe clamps a lot. I have black pipe in 1'. 2', 3', and 4' lengths threaded on both ends. I connect them with the galvanized nipples from the electrical section for rigid conduit (straight threaded instead of the tapered pipe thread) when I need to tailor the length to the glue up...
  15. Gofor

    Cross half lap joint with a mortise and tenon

    Or you could use 2 dowels on each end of the stretcher instead of an M&T.
  16. Gofor

    How to apply lacquer on the inside of a box?

    First, use as low a pressure as you can to minimize overspray. Second, start by narrowing the fan pattern and spray the corners and edges first. Next open the pattern some to spray the bottom first, and then the sides. (Work fro the deepest point out). If you have "dusty" or dull spots, pour...
  17. Gofor

    Chiggers, ticks and mosquitos

    A few years back my neighbor starting keeping some "free range" chickens, as well as some ducks, that ranged through my yard as well as theirs. Still got an occasional tick if I let the grass get too high, but my japanese beetle problems disappeared after a couple years, and they also would...
  18. Gofor

    Making Real Japanning

    For baking it, could you put it on a cookie sheet and hold it up with inverted thumb tacks?
  19. Gofor

    what kind of wood

    As for differences on white oak and ash: White oak is harder, and denser, making it heavier. White oak is considered for outdoor furniture Ash is traditional for baseball bats. Because the summer growth wood in ash is less dense, it absorbs stains a little better if you want a darker hue...
  20. Gofor

    Best clear deck sealer

    I had different experience with Thompson's (the oil based. Have not tried the water based). It only lasted about 6 months on the top and railings in the full sunshine areas. However, if your deck is raised up enough to crawl under it, it is excellent for spraying on the underside of the deck...

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