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    Long Term Update On College

    I have been a member of NCWW for two years now, and it has become a valuable resource. I joined at the same time I moved to the mountains and established my company--Wiley's Woodworks. Shortly after I joined I mentioned that I was going to take a woodworking course, and several members asked...
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    Broken Stanley Block Plane

    This thread sent me surfing on eBay. Who knew there were so many models of Stanley block planes. I found a Stanley Model 12-960 with 4 characteristics that match what I have. It's made in the USA and I can buy a new one for $50. Haven't located a replacement toe plate anywhere or anyone on...
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    Broken Stanley Block Plane

    Pics have been requested. Not shown is that there is no vertical angle adjustment at the rear, just the blade depth adjuster as shown. If you can positively identify what model this is and maybe date it, I would appreciate it.
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    Broken Stanley Block Plane

    I've got a Stanley low angle block plane that has a broken front toe plate. I believe it's a model # 65 because of it's size--6 1/4" sole, 7" oal including depth adjustment screw. The adjustable toe plate is supposed to have a threaded brass stud braised to it that is tightened by the front...
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    Overspray On Glasses Lenses

    Man, did I screw up. I sprayed 4 coats of an oil-based spar urethane on an outdoor garden bench. I used all the precautions, including a suction spray booth. I still got a very light overspray on my glasses. I can still see through the lenses, but it's like looking through a light fog...
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    Finish for touching surfaces

    You've got to work with what you've already done. The finish is sticking to itself because when the lid is closed the pressure makes one surface stick to the other, and there's some residual tackiness still in the finish. You can't feel it, but it's there. Here's a simple fix: Touch-up...
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    The Sherwin Williams Industrial experience

    I just went through an equally frustrating and exasperating experience with Sherwin Williams stores in the Asheville area. I have a Sherwin Williams branded HVLP sprayer set up made by Graco, and needed the gun serviced, a quick connect, and maybe a new hose. Graco products are currently sold...
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    Need help designing a Swivel

    If all else fails search for exactly what you're looking for--a 360 degree pivoting ceiling mount for TV that weighs 70 pounds. Here's what I found...
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    Filling large knot holes and voids

    Our fellow woodworkers have mentioned several different materials to use, with epoxy being the most popular. I'll throw my mixture into the ring. When matching the color of the wood, I get my best color matches mixing sanding dust, preferably 220 grit but down to 120 will work, with clear...
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    100 year old window sash

    If you get some momentum on this project, I would be interested in any sashes you replace that are still in solid condition. I repurpose old window frames and make wall cabinets using the sashes as the front door for the cabinets. I've attached photos of a finished cabinet. The limiting...
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    Garden Bench

    I'm building this bench right now. If you don't have a router, preferably both handheld and a router table, don't try this. There's a lot of linear feet that need different radius roundovers, and without the roundovers the bench just won't be comfortable to sit in. You'll also need 3 5'-6'...
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    Drawing to wood

    Lots of good advice in this thread. Make your pattern exactly to the piece. You should be able to just tape it to your working piece. Trace it onto your working piece. Band saw outside the lines by about 1/8". Restick the pattern to the piece and rout to exact shape. Final sand should be a...
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    A place to sell work

    Mike--No offense or denigration was intended in my comments. There was nothing personal in my comments and opinions, and they are based on real world first person experience too. Clearly you have an established relationship with the art council and can walk in anytime to see an old friend and...
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    A place to sell work

    The advice so far is good advice, but it's inaccurate. The industry standard commission of for-profit retail outlets is 50% commission. Non-profit outlets, like the Stokes County Arts Council or civic-based consumer stores might charge less, but don't be surprised if they don't. The standard...
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    Quarantine Rocker Finished!

    That is spectacular!!. I sorta know what it takes to make a Maloof rocker at home because I watched a classmate try and fail at making one for a woodworking school assignment. Out of curiosity are your seat-to-legs joints, the famous Maloof joint actually reinforced with a screw (hidden by the...
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    Bored 7 Year Old

    What about teaching him how to sharpen tools? Surely you've got a few dull blades--pocket knives, chisels, planes, draw knife, preferably something that's a straight edge. Try it for an afternoon, and if he doesn't zone out after a few hours, you can progress. If he gets pretty good at it...
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    ISO Plug Cutter Set

    I'm having a devil of a time finding a plug cutter set at a reasonable price that has good reviews. If you have had good success without having to resharpen every bit after you bought, let me know the brand and source. Thanks.
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    Busted Paint Sprayer Hose

    I picked up an old Sherwin Williams compressor with a 25' hose and one sprayer gun. Gun looks to be clean and usable. Now here's the funny part. My wife spotted the hose and had an instant use for it--an extension for her too short outdoor garden hose. Now I don't if the hose was defective...
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    Need Research Help

    Rob--Thanks for your reply. The course assignment is requiring statistics and numbers rather than interviews (or hunches or opinions or isolated examples). What I'm needing are economic statistics, most likely government generated, on size of market, number of businesses, survival rate, etc...
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    Need Research Help

    I am enrolled in Haywood Community College's Master Crafts-Wood degree program and will graduate in June. Currently in our business class we are putting together a comprehensive, thorough business plan, suitable for presenting to lenders. Part of the plan is in-depth analysis of woodworking...

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