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    Bow saw

    The folding corona saw worked well going through a 6-7” white cedar.
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    I ordered dual locking casters similar to these from that seller: I wanted steel and poly that locked. They have worked well under my Unisaw dolly/cart since installing 6/2018. I...
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    Abrasive Belts Bandsaw

    These came with a Rockwell 14” BS that I bought. I don’t plan on using them or have the attachment that makes them work with my BS. Does anyone have a use for these? The belts are 91” long. They’re free to whomever wants them
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    Bow saw

    Thanks all! Ended up getting the folding corona saw mentioned earlier. Looks like a common complaint is the teeth aren’t completely covered when closed. I do t plan on putting it in a backpack, so not an issue for me!
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    Bow saw

    Thanks Rick! I was looking at that style as well. Do you like the corona brand? I see folks prefer the corona or the tarvol brand on amazon. I’ve never used one but it seems similar to what’s on the pole pruner.
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    Bow saw

    Preferences for bow saws for pruning? I’m not taking down a forest, but just some light pruning around the yard. Simple fiskers for $11 Or bahco for $28 Or another brand? I’ve only used one of these when cutting down Christmas trees. Does the handle really make that big of a difference? I...
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    Cabinet bed plan

    This has some good tips for building a Murphy bed:
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    Suggestions for Home & Kitchen

    I have cherry countertops finished in multiple coats of waterlox in 2 of our bathrooms. The one bathroom is the main half bath used by everyone (I have 4 kids under 8) and has seen a lot of use without any signs of the finish breaking down or need for renewal. I ended up using waterlox for...
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    Interesting auction purchase

    Perhaps a glimmer of hope for the younger generation combining a college degree with skilled craft:
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    What am I supposed to do with this...

    Some encouragement:
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    Porter Cable Router Table

    MLCS, Bosch and bench dog make a small router table. Another option would be to build a simple plywood box and use an insert or mount the router directly to the box. I had planned to build a full size table with cabinet for my router but have found my bench top solution of an old laminate...
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    Porter Cable Router Table

    I had the delta router/shaper that had an integrated router that looked a lot like the porter cable table you posted. I wasn’t a fan of the single speed router and sold it. The fence system was a little annoying as it’s two parts and the table grooves seemed to catch what I was routing. The...
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    The Beast

    Great story! And I really like the saw! But you’re not helping me to talk myself out of a 14” RAS!
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    12” Sliding Miter Saw Blade Recommendation

    The Oshlun blade arrived before my saw and now that I have both I tried a few test cuts simple trim and it worked well. For comparison the Oshlun blade is a bit thicker than the OE dewalt.
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    Is gel stain the “in thing” now?

    Now it looks too nice compared to the other! Are you refinishing the whole chair or just repairing parts?
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    Is gel stain the “in thing” now?

    Yes gel stain has been the thing for a bit. I used it more like paint when I wanted to turn poplar dark brown and was feeling too lazy to use a dye followed by seal coat and stain. I don’t necessarily like it, but I don’t dislike it either. I still tend to use liquid, albeit usually natural, to...
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    Amazon App Now Has Smile

    Have you tried updating to the most recent app in step two of the link that I provided? I realize you “update all the time” but it might be worth a try.
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    Amazon App Now Has Smile

    Not sure what to tell you. It works for me and now has a different logo on my app.
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    Amazon App Now Has Smile

    Is the app updated? I’m using IOS.
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    Amazon App Now Has Smile

    Mine looked like this:

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