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  1. J

    Freud Router table - $175 (Short Pump)

    Not only do I know where Short Pump is, but why it's called Short Pump. I also know where Dog Town is.
  2. J

    Router table router died

    Corian counter top fabricators, along with stone countertop fabricators. On stone, you have to use diamond bits instead of carbide.
  3. J

    Grizzly G0478

    No pictures, didn't happen, as per Bas's instructions. Congrats on your new2U saw.
  4. J

    ISO tires for my 14" band saw

    If you do go for tires, check out "Blue Max" tires. They have a web site.
  5. J

    Juniper for boats

    What you are looking for is Atlantic White Cedar, if memory serves me correct.
  6. J

    Collapsed pail

    Mark, doesn't that yellow drum look familiar? Be sure and send Onidea those pictures.
  7. J

    Wanted: PC/Rockwell Worm Drive Belt Sander

    That's the reason so many jobs went to China. A quick buck, and then it"s slam bam, thank mam!
  8. J

    Wanted: PC/Rockwell Worm Drive Belt Sander

    Rockwell also made a worm drive Port A Band.
  9. J

    Bandsaw Vibration

    Check the clearance on the guide blocks / bearings. The weld could be causing a slight stopage each time it passes between them. If the weld is rough, a couple swipes with a Dremel will take care of that. Because it's happening with more than one blade, I suspect it's in the wheels. Take the...
  10. J

    Raleigh area contractor, handy men or woman needed.

    Contact "Skymaster." A year ago, I would have been interested, but I'm too busy in my retirement to take on any work outside the homestead.
  11. J

    Wanted: PC/Rockwell Worm Drive Belt Sander

    So you going to build a round house to keep your locomotive in?
  12. J

    Carter BS quick realease

    Carter doesn't even make their tires wide enough to fit the Delta's wheels.
  13. J

    What else do I need? Vacuum veneering

    1/4" flare is a common size of fitting, and nuts can be found at the BORGS. Just a short piece of 1/4" copper tubing, then convert to rubber hose.You will need a FILTER. For a filter, I use a METAL , not plastic, fuel filter that matches 1/4" rubber fuel hose. Lowes sells 1/4" fuel hose in ten...
  14. J

    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    If running conduit (actually EMT,) use 3/4", not 1/2". As for bends, they are a little tricky, but you can bend a piece, then cut it to length. Exposed conduit allows to reconfigure wiring as needed in the future.
  15. J

    Table saw maintenance

    If you can hear them, then it's time. They aren't going to get any better on their own. Most likely you have 6203 2RS bearings which are a little under three bucks each at Fastenal. Yeah, they are Chinese, but my daughter's Honda Civic has one in the belt tension pulley that has over 300K miles...
  16. J

    Bandsaw Vibration

    Check to make sure the tires aren't bunching up under the blade. If they are loose, they will bunch up, creating a lump under the blade
  17. J

    Carter BS quick realease

    The USA made Delta 14" bandsaws are pretty generic. Parts from the 1937 model, fit the 1994 models. Only the color, and how the door is mounted (hinged, or studs and knobs) have changed. Stands and motors have changed, but basic saw is the same. Get a copy of Loius Ittura's catalogue. It's the...
  18. J

    Sawstop Contractor w/52” T-Glide Pros/Cons

    Do you really need 52" rip capacity" When building cabinets, seldom did I need more than 36"
  19. J

    Bandsaw Tire Check

    A new set of tires is in order. Do both, as they are the same age. The smelling of burning rubber is probably the lower (driven) slipping on the wheel. Online, check and see if "Blue Max" has tires to fit.
  20. J

    What am I supposed to do with this...

    Did you get the collets that go with it? The rack on the right side is for the collets, if memory serves me correct.

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