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    Free Turning Tools

    They're yours Pete! Text sent.
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    Free Turning Tools

    3 gouges and a couple skews. All carbon steel. Some of the handles have splits. These came with a second hand lathe I purchased a few months ago. Pickup only. Located in Pittsboro.
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    Bandsaw drift

    I essentially address the fence, but via the table. There is enough play in the trunnion holes on my 14" delta that i can loosen the bolts and rotate the table. This method allows you to keep the fence parallel to the miter slot (although ive never actually used the slot).
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    Old Delta Tools

    A trip to Brevard and these followed me home. When I bought and restored a band saw from the same era, I had to promise my wife I wouldn't become an old iron junkie. I'm still working on my story for three machines at once.
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    Time to buy a shoulder plane!

    I have both the large and medium shoulder planes from Lie Nielson. I started with the large, because like you I had several large tenon's to trim 1/2" shoulders and 3" cheeks. My father gifted me the medium version, and while I thought I was fine with just the large, I've come to put the medium...
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    Wynn Environmental - great customer service

    Just wanted to pass along a good customer service experience since they seem to be few and far between these days. I recently ordered a cartridge filter to upgrade my dust collector. The filter arrived damaged from shipping (it looked like a little bit of batting practice was had). I emailed...
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    Preferred large gate hinge hardware

    Heath, I built some very heavy, wide gates when I built my fence a few years ago at our last house. I used strap hinges from I actually think I have a set left over for a 4 ft gate. They're black powder coated, and I was extremely pleased with them. Im just...
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    Nicholson - English Workbench Build

    Thanks all for the compliments. As I was flattening the top, I thought about how lucky I've been to be able to access all the helpful information on this site and how much I've learned from watching others builds here. Rick, the spacers aren't on axles or anything, just sitting there. I made...
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    Nicholson - English Workbench Build

    Re: Nicholson - English Workbench Build - Just About Finished Today I just about finished my workbench (except for the shelf below). Over the past few weeks I glued and screwed the top to the base. Flipping the bench on it's side to plane the front edge of the top flush was a feat (heavy). I...
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    Nicholson - English Workbench Build

    About 2 months later I have a few updates on the bench build. It's been a while, but holidays, cleaning out the garage, and work have taken up too much time. Since the test fit I was able to surface the two aprons and then glue, screw, and miller dowel them in place. I glued about the bottom...
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    Nicholson Workbench
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    Nicholson - English Workbench Build

    Thanks!, The top will be 24"x8'X1 3/4" - resting on the aprons, and 6 or 7 4" bearers that will sit on "shelfs" glued to the inside faces of the aprons - much like Andy Margeson's bench. Philip
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    Nicholson - English Workbench Build

    Hi all! Although I'm about one third into my workbench build, I thought I would take a few pictures and post em' here. After working for a few years on one of the oak slabs from Scott Smiths Roubo slab event, I've been itching for a longer, little wider bench - so I decided to build the...
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    Structural engineer near Greenville (NC)

    Scott, Joe, and Jeff, Thanks for your suggestions. I've found PE to come out and take a look.
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    Structural engineer near Greenville (NC)

    My wife and I recently moved from the Raleigh area out to Greenville and bought our first home (I finally have a garage to work in, and my wife is glad there are no more tools in the dining room). What appeared to be a dry wall patch during the inspection has reemerged as what might be signs of...
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    Need help with ID on wood

    I'd also vote for hickory - mostly based on the end grain picture the OP supplied. I recently built a bed in which I used hickory for the slats to support the mattress - I pulled a cut-off from the scrap bin, and compared to the end grain picture - it's a dead on match....the other way to tell -...
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    Queen size bed in cherry, Spring 2012
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    Queen size bed in cherry, Spring 2012
  19. Bed_1


    Queen size bed in cherry, Spring 2012
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    Did anyone else receive the wrong order from lee valley?

    And if so, was it a few saw files and some bed bolt covers? Seems out of four items ordered, I only received one correct item. If you're looking for drill bits, router bushings/bits, and incra rulers...I might have yours! I guess it's due to the "free shipping event" but this is my third order...

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