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    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    Make sure you use 1/2 OSB and not the 7/16 stuff from box stores. My builder showed me the quality difference between the two, also get exterior grade. I put it on the ceilings (10') and all the walls of my 30' x 60' building with 4 rooms. My wife and I painted it with a primer first and then...
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    Miter Saw Recommendations?

    Could you tell me your negative experiences you have had with the yellow miter saws?
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    Miter Saw Recommendations?

    Don,t be limited by blade size. You really do not want to use a table saw blade on a slidding miter. You want a special miter blade for sliding miter. Bob
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    Vertical mill in Charlotte area?

    Next time slow the cutter down to 1000 rpm or a little less and flood with wd40. You will need to clean up the router a bit but you will get a nice finish. HSS would work at the lower speed. Bob
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    Hole Saw Recommendation

    my experience with hole saws in wood is to run them very slow ie 100 - 150 rpm, and make sure the pilot drill is out at least a 1/2". With nice sharp ones it takes a little more time but nice cut. Mine are all Lenox except for one Starrett. Bob
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    Longest dust control run?

    Congratulations on the nice new shop, always fun to build one from scratch. I put in an Oneida 5hp system several years ago and found both Pentz's site and the planning input from Oneida very useful. This was my third wood shop and each had its own challenges for layout of dust collection...
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    Powermatic jointer

    Maybe I can as I have done it on the 6". If you have the rabbet slot and the blades aligned properly with edge of the rabbit so you can use it, then you run say a 8" wide board down the regular way. The next part is tricky because you have about 2" left. You flip the board so the fat edge...
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    Powermatic jointer

    My only input is I have had a Powermatic 6" jointer, purchased new around 1976. Other than sharpening the blades it has given me great service over the years. The only issue I have ever had is I wish I could have afforded the 8". It was a compromise, I purchased the 12" planer at the same...
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    Miniature Wagon Wheels

    90% of my projects are with a metal lathe, mill etc. I get the same thing - oh you have all that equipment it is easy to make this for me! Well one part was plastic with all kinds of angles and holes, I went on line and found it for .75. It would have taken me a week with all those angles. I...
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    Miniature Wagon Wheels

    Jeff There are two different cannons and one Gatlin gun. The full view wheel first row far right has 7 fellows, 14 spokes. The Gatlin wheel has 8 fellows , 16 spokes. It looks like if my counting is correct the smaller cannon's all have 7 fellows. Bob
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    Bored 7 Year Old

    OK lets get a challenge and something that will take a bit of time. I feel we are going to be in our homes for a good bit of time. I am retired and have an extensive metal working shop and a good amount of woodworking tools. My granddaughters started when the youngest one just turned 8. They...
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    Miniature Wagon Wheels

    I have not made any, but I have on my list to make a Gatling gun some day. I have looked at the carriage and wheels made by folks who have done this. A Cannon type wheel needs to be dished in order to look authentic. The entire carriage and attachments is a great woodworking project. In the...
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    Where to find used machines nowadays?

    It has been more or less implied, but you might check out used machinery dealers. Do not rule out dealers that appear to only do metal working equipment, often they have woodworking equipment just do not really advertise it. I just checked one near me and he has some stuff - band saws, scroll...
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    To Insulate or not to Insulate

    One more thought for that roll up door. If it is not the only way into the shop building you might consider a wall. Build a wall across that end with two three foot doors and insulate it. It does not need to be protected on the outside because you just roll the door down. With some carful...
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    To Insulate or not to Insulate

    I would strongly recommend you cover it with something a little more substantial. I used 1/2" exterior oriented strand board. Do not use the 7/16 stuff from box stores. The 1/2 is superior. You will likely need to get it from a lumber yard. Put the smooth side towards the inside. Give...
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    Drill Press Table?

    Posted a bit ago but here is an approach for a large table, no rack - pinion, and getting too old to lift by hand! Not inexpensive, cost me about $100 + stuff I had around the shop, but sure is handy. Bob
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    Automatic dust collection

    Bill When I put in my system in 2016( see Tutorials Resources Pro 2000 installation) I had every intent to put in a system based on Allen's posts. I have air cylinders, current sensors to detect when a machine is turned on, a controller to activate each gate, etc. I had made up Alibre...
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    led strip/tape lighting

    I am just investigating putting these in a display cabinet. It is about 14' long and 5 ' tall. What I have found is there are LED strips and there are LED strips. The applications requires some thought on color. There are density ie LED's per foot, etc. I found this source for a...
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    Consideraing getting a metal machine which would be more useful.

    I would add that if your going to get a lathe and mill, spend some time looking. I would recommend a Bridgeport Mill, it is most common. As for a lathe I am partial to at least 12" again this size is common. In both cases take your time and look at them in person. It will be real apparent on...
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    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    You might want to check into availability of the tools you will need to repurchase. Some areas of the country have real low supplies of used equipment. Of course that could be good news if there are local suppliers of new tools ie no huge shipping costs. The first time I moved, the mover said...

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