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  1. erasmussen

    A lot of shop time

    With a lot of time in the shop right now. I am making a bunch of small turnings they are the only ones that sell around here and are good for giving at christmas. They are both open segment the first one is 30 segments per ring and has 30 different woods. The second is 16 segments per ring...
  2. erasmussen

    Two new turnings

    I made a flower turning (one that when you look at the center it looks like a flower ) and of course did a video and everyone likes it so well that I did another one with video to show what can be done just by changing the pattern just a bit and changing the woods' the first one is 30 open...
  3. erasmussen

    Down east wood turners

    Down East Wood Turners Club will have it's Feb meeting Tuesday night, Feb 11, 2020 from 7 to 9 pm at The Community Council For The Arts, 400 N Queen St, Kinston, NC 28504. Desmond Jones will be our demonstrator. Bob Dougherty will demonstrate in March, subject: Sharping, April, Dale Overman will...
  4. erasmussen

    New turning

    I forget to post a picture of a new turning, so here it is
  5. erasmussen

    Just a turning I did for a friend

    Made this turning to give to a friend. Open segment 32 seg/ring Maple,Yellow Heart, Purple Heart, Bacote, Hormigo and Macassar Ebony woods floating bottom about 11" tall Did a video on making it
  6. erasmussen

    new turning

    Just a small turning I did for a utube video bubinga about 7" tall
  7. erasmussen

    A few pictures from my show

    Its just a small show of my turnings
  8. erasmussen

    A hybrid turning

    Just a small hybrid turning (closed and open segments). About 28" tall Peruvian Walnut and Holly Not good pictures sorry.
  9. erasmussen

    Down East wood turners

    Down East wood turners will have their August meeting on the 14 Tuesday 7 PM at the Kimston arts council 400 n Queen st. All are welcome.
  10. erasmussen

    Just a couple of new turnings open segment and some small closed xegments

    The first one is 48 segments per ring open segment, second one 24 segments per ring again open then 6 small xmas bowls nothing special just every day turnings
  11. erasmussen

    found time to get one off the lathe

    Finally got a new turning off the lathe that is not a beads of courage box but something I like to do
  12. erasmussen

    Open segment segment fruit bowl with foot

    I made this just to show how I did it on a utube video. Its just an easy turning 12' diameter 4 woods Macassar Ebony, Yellow Heart, Purple Heart and Homigo 16 segments per ring and a very simple pattern. It looks different when turned 90 degrees
  13. erasmussen

    Havent posted in awhile some things i have been making

    I have not posted in awhile. I have been keeping busy Making lots of boxes for the Beads of courage program here is a few That is a few of the boxes I have made I have been making utube videos trying to get people interested in segment turning and also open segment turning my channel is...
  14. erasmussen

    Different open segment turning

    Just finished this today Katlox wood. Open segment construction and a real bear to turn without getting tearout. Thanks for looking
  15. erasmussen

    Large turning and Xmas turnings

    Time to post again, been kinda slack. Just a few I done latly. A 21" tall turning from Maple Bloodwood and Macassar Ebony 2423 pieces. Xmas bowls to keep Michiko happy. All are small 6-7" diameter some with solid bottoms and some with floating bottoms. all are 16 segments per ring...
  16. erasmussen

    nightmare turning

    This was a nightmare to turn. 9" tall 12 1/2" dia. 126 pieces
  17. erasmussen

    Saved the bottom half

    After the top was crushed I saved the bottom. Not a total loss, but sure not the turning I wanted.
  18. erasmussen

    Now the rest of the story

    Today I wanted to find out how the turning exploded. I did, I was turning the outside between centers and the centering cone unscrewed about 1 inch, and of course thats like bringing the tail stock up snug then turning it in another inch something is going to break and the turning didnt have a...
  19. erasmussen

    It had to happen sooner or later

    Making an open segment turning with missing segments. the missing segments are held in place with spots of hot melt glue so they can be removed later. This is what happens when one of the hot melt spots fails. Well now I know what happens when one comes apart when turning.
  20. erasmussen

    A few turnings

    I havent posted in awhile. Here is a few of the turnings I have been working on. Nothing special hope ya'll like them. And a couple of lost segment turnings

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