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  1. wolfsburged

    Vintage Craftsman Drill Press 1940s

    This is pending pickup.
  2. wolfsburged

    Ridgid EB4424 Sander

    This is sold.
  3. wolfsburged

    Truly new and improved

    I'm getting the security error on Chrome
  4. wolfsburged

    Jig saws, router, Delta tool stand, air filter/regulator

    A few misc. things kicking about that I either have multiples of, or no longer need: Black and Decker 1-1/4HP Quantum plunge router Black and Decker 3.5A adjustable speed jig saw Craftsman single speed jig saw All in working condition. Price is $40 for the lot above, picked up in Cary. Or...
  5. wolfsburged

    Ridgid EB4424 Sander

    Ridgid oscillating edge/belt spindle sander. Older model, well used, but functional. Works as intended. No belts included. These are $250 new. Just don't find myself using this much with other sanders and tools in the shop. Could use the space for something else. Looking for $125 picked up in...
  6. wolfsburged

    Vintage Craftsman Drill Press 1940s

    Very nice original condition Craftsman 103.23100 drill press. Circa approximately 1946. Original motor, paint, and belt included. Works great, return spring needs assistance. Will include link belt as well as original vbelt. No marks on table. I purchased this from another NC Woodworker forum...
  7. wolfsburged

    Help build nest boxes - wildlife rescue outreach?

    Thanks to a generous donation of wood and materials from Hood Distribution Company and labor from Jack Mazzuchelli aka Skymaster of Custom Cabinetry by Jack for getting all of this done! The squirrels and other inhabitants of Noah's Ark Wildlife Center are truly appreciate of the hard work and...
  8. wolfsburged

    Help build nest boxes - wildlife rescue outreach?

    Hello everyone, I am involved with an animal rescue group located in Stokes County called Noah's Ark Wildlife Center. They have been assisting with some relief efforts for Wilmington area wildlife rehabbers who lost their homes and ability to care for animals due to Hurricane Florence. They made...
  9. wolfsburged

    Windsor Chair Building

    Nice chairs, but I'm more interested in that Clausing vertical mill peeking into the frame!
  10. wolfsburged

    Piping in my HF Dust Collector

    I recommend the floor sweep
  11. wolfsburged

    Piping in my HF Dust Collector

    Everyone has an opinion on this. Here is what I did. Maybe not "correct" or "best" but works within the limits of the size/space/budget I had. I used the HF "2" HP dust collector, built the baffle and trash can setup, and used 4" S&D PVC piping for most of the distribution, then switched to 4"...
  12. wolfsburged

    January 2017 Contest: What is the oldest Power Tool you own and still use!

    This is a topic that is relevant to my interests! Most of my power tools are older than I am by a considerable amount, and I have gotten bitten by the find/rescue/restore/use bug. My oldest wood working power tool is this 1939/1940 Delta 6" Jointer: My overall oldest working power tool is...
  13. wolfsburged

    Gerstner 2610 Reproduction - Part II - Caution Photo Intensive!

    I think the cut out on the book drawer is to allow you to grab the sides of the book.
  14. wolfsburged

    Gerstner 2610 Reproduction - Part II - Caution Photo Intensive!

    Looks great! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. wolfsburged

    VBS Crosses

    Vacation Bible School I would assume
  16. wolfsburged

    Raleigh area Lunch Bunch Meets this Friday

    I will come out since I am passing by at that time anyway. Of course I don't know anyone in person. I'll be out front in a green Polo looking lost. Bill
  17. wolfsburged

    2015 Annual Picnic May 16

    Would love to attend but will be out of town that weekend.
  18. wolfsburged

    Extending Useful Life of HF Air Hose Connectors

    I need to give this a shot. The main coupler on the end of my hose reel has started leaking pretty bad.

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