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    Must be more too the story

    Reminds me when the Cordless Dewalt circular saw came out the Company rep showing it off cut one of his digits off the index finger.......... Like sawman said it cuts ! ...... those kind of pictures always give me the Willys
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    Planer replacement blade choice

    I posted this before, most HSS from China is poor quality, vs most carbide from China is ok, go figure........... The cheaper HSS usually has either a incomplete or incorrect tempering, so the Metal loses temper under strain and/or heat. Additionally, the steel does not have the stressing...
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    Air Compressor -- When to Retire

    You can flush the air tank with vinegar to get most of the rust out then rinse. But, after that you just drain the water after every use. Also, if you want to lower the moisture content set up the intake to a 4" hose and suck the air from a conditioned room, the humidity is usually 15-25% lower...
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    Woodworking tools lutherie shop (Asheville)

    The sander is the only real thing and its .........ok -meh
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    Retail therapy...

    and dollar separating......... you got some nice finds
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    What type wood?

    Red oak
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    Planing a resin table

    You could do it with a router sled, cumbersome but it could be done, then you would have to sand and buff
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    Custom flush/trimming plane on ebay !

    Better hurry up it's a steal at 25.00 LOL!!! o_O :D Custom plane-ebay All I can say is "some people's kids..."
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    6x48 HF Belts

    +1 Quality sandpaper pays for itself. Do not cheap out on sand paper the cheap stuff segregates from the belt or disc, the git size is inconsistent and the grit usually is not hard. You can end up with tiny bits of grit in your work.
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    another tool provider to check out

    I dunno, but I did smuggle a new Digital Electric Grand Piano into my house last night and my wife still thinks it is the old one :D ;) We will see how long before she notices and maybe we can use that as a basis for estimating how many tools you can add :p
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    another tool provider to check out

    Thanks Fred .......... you are adding one more nail in the coffin of my addiction............. :D
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    Kitchen island end panels

    That looks like Hale Naval color or sherwin's dark night. Yupthat was popular on the west coast late 90's-early 2000's, before was this forest green color, before that was southwest colors, ........... remember Architects = Artist with a math degree minor :p
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    Need help designing a Swivel

    No matter what the ceiling mount is you need to make sure you use correct hardware and make sure you are not going into a 2x4, it will need to be a 4x 4,6,12. Regardless of what the company sends you in the ceiling mount, I would look at longer and larger hardware for the attachment. Remember...
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    Should i try to fix a miter saw or buy new?

    I would look at some of the new saws to see what will work for you. The 10" are better than the 12" IMHO. My 12" Dewalt, I had to go to a full width blade, then it cut straight. The thin blades have too much drift.
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    New Tool Gloat

    Damn ! I was wondering where I left that thing, gotta quit swigging on the sanitizer :D Nice add !
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    Beginning woodworker in Raleigh

    Welcome to the forum Dustin, if you have questions, just ask, lots of people here will help you ........ Also, Mike's comment is primary, understanding hand tools help you better understand woodworking better.
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    Tennessee Woodworker

    Welcome Brain to the forum, you will like it here. A Great group of people to hang with. ~~~ Casey
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    Need advice on vise restoration

    You got the color a couple of shades off the factory color ......... start over :p.... that looks better than new
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    Plane adjustment for the aging eyes

    Paul Sellers, is the famous British carpenter. As stated in the original posting, this is an easy way to set a plane with no adjustment screw. It also teaches you to better estimate a shaving's thickness. To me, this was the best thing. Since most everything I work with is hard or way hard...
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    Glad to be in WNC!

    Welcome to the forum ~~~ Casey

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