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    Help requested.

    I could help, Im 10 mins from salisbury.
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    Laguna LT 18 Bandsaw for sale

    Is it still for sale?
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    Laguna LT 18 Bandsaw for sale

    Thats a steal! If I didnt already have 2 bandsaws Id go get it!
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    Need help designing a Swivel

    Dont overthink it. In engineering I use the KISS philosophy.. Keep It Simple, Stupid!. Im thinking you wont be rotating this very often, but it will be nice to have that option occasionally, right?. If youre going to use the mount you showed previously, I would simply make 2 round pieces of...
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    Kitchen island end panels

    Is it a deep blue/gray? Hard to tell from the pictures and what Sherwinn Williams paint is it?
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    HVLP Recommendations

    HVLP is not a good application for latex. Sure, you can thin it, but youre not going to get the best finish IMO. I have a Fuji system and I have sprayed latex with it, sometimes successful, sometimes not.
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    Update - How do I do this?

    Looks great Neal!
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    Shellac flakes

    Apply it to a sample and if it dries and gives you the desired effect, I would say it is still good.
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    Shellac flakes

    When in doubt...Test, test , test
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    Free to good home!

    Gone to a good home....
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    Using a jointer without the fence?

    I never said I would do it! And Ive never known anyone to attempt it.
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    Using a jointer without the fence?

    Not unsafe for me! Im not using it!
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    Free to good home!

    Still available..
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    Free to good home!

    Delta mobile base , come get it!. Sorry, not meeting, delivering or the like, just need it gone.
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    100 year old window sash

    Ive made them in the past , but Im quite a ways from you.
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    Mahogany finish

    Klingspor has Mohawk lacquer
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    Mahogany finish

    It should spray just fine as is. Ive used it straight out of the can in my Fuji
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    Hydraulic Lift Table Troubleshooting

    The other option is you could install a ball valve in the cylinder feed line (labeled filter and suction line in your connections drawing) that you simply close off , acting like the obviously leaking check valve. If the fluid cant drain back, nothing can move, simple as that. There wouldnt be...
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    Jet wet sharpener

    I have the same machine and while the nut is rusty, I have had it on and off a couple of times without much issue.
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    TrueTrac System - anyone have any experience?

    Yes, not a system, no saw.....

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