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    Thomas Jefferson bookstand

    It was some extra cherry I had. Just used satin Minwax polyurethane. The bright light caused the redness. It was fun. Thomas Jefferson could have five books at a time open to read. Everything fold up to a cube. They sell them at Monticello. They run over $600.
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    Thomas Jefferson bookstand

    Built one a long time ago for my daughter after we visited Monticello.
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    New Style Unisaw

    I also use the Wixey. Blades are adjusted correctly to stop at 45 and 90 using the adjustment stops. The new style unisaw has a very large round scale that Delta touted as being a very fine adjustment. However, it is off by two degrees. If you adjust the point when at 0 and crank it to 45 the...
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    New Style Unisaw

    Have a new used Unisaw. The new style with both handwheels on the front. I am finding that the round blade tilt angle indicator is about two degrees short. If I set the blade to zero, straight up with a square and set the red pointer to zero, then tilt the blade to 45 degrees with an angle...
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    Edge gluing

    Lay the boards out face up next to each other without gluing. Working in one direction, at each joint label one board in and the other out. Do this in progression across the face of all boards at all joints alternating the in and out. When you put the boards on the jointer the word in means that...

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