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  1. John Harris

    SOLD: For Sale: New Freud 8" Dado Set

    For sale New, never even taken out of the case, 8" Freud Pro Dado Set. Custs 1/4" to 7/8" $50, includes shipping to anywhere in NC
  2. John Harris

    Need help editing classified add

    I created a classified add for a table saw and jointer but for some reason my location did not save. How do I add location, Southern Pines NC. I can't seem to find a way to edit the add? Thanks for your help
  3. John Harris

    Need a new hand held belt sander

    I need to get a new handheld belt sander. Looking at the Hitachi 9amp 3x21 at lowes for $149. Anyone using this sander? What is the good and the bad? Never have owned Hitachi tools before. I wanted to stay under $150 if possible but lowes also has the Porter Cable 8amp for $169. Is the PC...
  4. John Harris

    Rigid Oscillating belt/spindle sander sleeves & belts ?

    A few months ago I picked up a Rigid oscillating belt/spindle sander. I've been using the belt and spindles that came with it but now want to get some replacements. Any suggestions of what/where to get them? Should I stay with the lower grits?
  5. John Harris

    Ryobi 18v 2 nailer kit deal $272 free shipping

    Just ordered the 18-Volt ONE+ AirStrike Brad Nailer and Straight Nailer Combo (2-Tool) seems like a good deal. On sale online only until 2/28/16 for $272 free shipping...
  6. John Harris

    Anyone using a 20v Brad nailer?

    My 20 year old porter cable compressor finally died and I've been using a crappy Campbell Hausfeld brad nailer. I've been contemplating getting a Bostich or Porter Cable 3 nail gun kit with pancake air compressor. Thinking I might use the other nail guns but primarily the brad nailer. Over...
  7. John Harris

    Changed name from thejh to John Harris

    Hi all. Not that I have many posts but I changed my username from thejh to John Harris. Peace
  8. John Harris

    Want to change my username to my real name.

    I would like to change my username to my real name. My real name is John Harris Thanks, John
  9. John Harris

    Where to buy decent cabinet plywood near the Sandhills?

    I'm new guy here looking to purchase decent cabinet grade plywood. I've been out of the woodworking business for 15 years and used to get baltic birch that was decent but can't find it at my local (Southern Pines) retailers. All they have is birch with a veneer that is thin as paper. I live...

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