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    PRICE SLASHED!!! Brand New Freud Dial-a-Width (SD 608) Dado Set

    I agree with Ed about the functionally of the SD 608. It's a shame to bought it and not be able to us it. That said I have a UniSaw which for standard blades has a arbor nut with a washer that is about 3" in diameter which mates with washer on arbor. The nut and washer is about 1" thick. They...
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    First Commission

    I think weather to use thick or thin edge banding depends on the profile you want for the finished edge and the visual affect. Thin iron on edge banding can be just as durable as wet glued thin or thick. Like everything it's a combination of tools and technique.
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    Hide glue series at FW

    My dad and uncle ran a small upholstered furniture company in the 60's and used hide glue for frames. When the company was sold I acquired a 50 lb bag and 2 qt Hold-heat glue pot. It took me about 20 years to use up the bag but glue pot is still going strong. I don't heat glue in an open pot...
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    Track saw question

    I have both and would not give up either. My table saw is a 36-L352 with a Unifence. My track saw is a Festool TS55 with 55"(~$750 ~12 years ago) and 110"($300) track. I also use a 42"X72" MFT style table top I built(actually a sheet of MDF with holes) and use with 55" track for cross cutting...
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    Do not know if you found a source but I have ordered from totalElement Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets several times. They have 3/8 X 3/16 solid. 40 is $14.99.
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    Automatic dust collection

    I have been using a Arduino Mega based automatic Blast Gate/Dust Collector controller I been developing for a few years. I have current switches installed in outlet boxes used by tools connected dust collector. These are connected the controller using 2 conductor alarm wire. Each blast gate I...

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