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  1. lbtripp

    Granddaughter's book case finally completed

    View image in gallery Finally View image in gallery finished my granddaughter's book case. The case is birch with a sanding sealer of dewaxed shellac and denatured alcohol mix, 50-50. Three coats of General Finishes wal View image in gallery nut gel stain and four coats of General...
  2. lbtripp

    New puppy

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery New puppy Jessie. She is a rescued 7 month old Austrailan Shepard and Lab mix.
  3. lbtripp

    Mission Completed

    View image in gallery All parts finished prior to assembly & glue up, thus eliminating sags & runs when spraying the finish. Notice the blue painters tape to protect bare wood from the finishing operations, allowing for glue up. View image in gallery Assembled ready for top to be installed...
  4. lbtripp

    Need help with posting pictures

    I can't figure out how to create albums to post my pictures to. Could use some instruction. Thanks Lyell:BangHead:
  5. lbtripp

    Latest project

    I am building a book case for my Granddaughter Jordan. It is going to be constructed from Birch. I am going to stain it with two coats of General Finishes gel stain in nutmeg with 5-6 coats of General Finishes clear semi-gloss pre-cat urethane. The top will be constructed with a clear birch...
  6. lbtripp

    Is there another method?

    I had to cut 12 legs with a curve on the outside edge starting 12" off the floor. Legs are 48 " long. Inside edges are all straight. I made a template out of MDF, traced the shape onto the blanks and cut to within a 1/8" of the line on the bandsaw. Then using the template I made a jig to cut...
  7. lbtripp

    New member introduction

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a new member and I live in Ocean Isle, near Sunset Beach. I have been a carpenter for 48 years. I semi-retired 5 years ago and opened up a custom cabinet/furniture shop. I build custom furniture, custom built-ins and cabinets. I repair and refinish...

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